Thursday, December 9, 2010

WHEN IN DOUBT, . . . (2)

Well below freezing.
White upon white,
breath borne on the gentle breeze
above the snow.

Black Sadie running on her well-worn trails;

the stark counterpoint
to the surrounding snow mantle,
forever ready to chase her toy
one more time —

wheeling about,
checking like a hunter,
then leaping like a deer
with the joy of her "find."

All within the sanctuary
of our wind-shielded
back yard,
on a very low day.


Anonymous said...

We finally had a handicapped shower installed earlier this year and I had a fantastic idea how it could better serve us: If I could just teach Beau to pee down the drain. *sigh*

Gutsy Living said...

Sadie is the one to give you energy. She forces you out in the snow. What a great pet.

Natalie said...

You paint a warm picture with your words Bearet.
Find a snuggly quilt and get thee under it with your puppy.

Tattieweasle said...

I always find it best to watch them play in teh snow when I am well wrapped up from head to toe - I look like the michelin man!!!

Reasons said...

Why so low? Black pooch, white snow...sounds a picture! Lovely poem Rob-bear.

Rob-bear said...

® dana: Good luck!

® GW: Sadie convinced me this morning that I wanted to go outside and play with her, instead of going back to bed.
Now, I'm at my desk, and she's gone back to bed.
Is there no justice, Sonia?

® Natalie: Sadie won't sleep with me. I think she's upset by the mask I wear and breathing machine that I use when I sleep. (Sleep apnea problems.)

® TW: Michelin Man we understand here. Sadie has her Michelins on her paws; I'm sometimes a bit less sturdy.
Sadie doesn't like playing by herself, and ends up in the wrong part of the yard (pestering the birds at the feeder) if I don't go out with her. (The birds are "not amused"; I can understand that.)

® Reasons: There is the black dog (Miss Sadie) who brings joy, and another "black dog" who does not.

The Blog Fodder said...

Hi, Rob. Catching up on my blog reading. Like your poem. And the fact your dog gets you out of the house.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that Sadie likes the snow. It's good she gets you out and about.
Hope you have a good weekend.

Rob-bear said...

® BF and Dedene: When Miss Sadie came to our place, it was on the clear understanding that she had only one job she needed to do — walk me. She gets a little tired of waiting for me to "get with it," but this morning it is -22C (or -8F) with snow. I am somewhat less than eager to go out in that sort of weather (at 6:00 a.m.). I'm inclined to go back to bed. Besides, it might be a bit brutal for Miss Sadie.

ain't for city gals said...

Be glad for your sanctuary...think of it as a good thing...

Rob-bear said...

® afcg: My sanctuary is a wonderful thing! I'm actually trying to make it a bit more Celtic (a summertime activity). If were a bit warmer, I'd like to be outside enjoying it now; sadly, it's about -30°C with light snow (or -22°F, if you count that way).

Amanda Summer said...

i loved this r-bear.....i can visualize sadie running over the white tundra and leaping in the air -- i could clearly imagine this whole scene through your poetic words......


Gutsy Living said...

I hope you're feeling okay. Haven't heard from you in a while. Sonia.