Friday, June 11, 2010


We have had a lot of rain where I live. Either rain or clouds almost every day. It's too wet in many places to continue seeding, so the large crop predicted earlier may not materialize. Neither Her Ladyship, Miss Sadie, nor I are fond of long walks in the rain right now. And it's all making me a bit silly — waterlogged brain, I think.

So, I have an idea. We should change the name of our province from "Saskatchewan" to "Newyyd Cymru" (New Wales). Wales always gets lots of rain. Right? A more fitting name for us right now, since we've apparently had the wettest spring on record. Sigh! Of course, for New Wales, we would need a LOT of sheep; I'm not certain how that would go over, here in cattle country. 

Oh, yes; Miss Sadie is a year old, today. We'll head out for a celebratory walk in a few minutes.  


Rosaria Williams said...

The Northwest has been pelted continuously for the last few weeks. I bet you got your share too. What we want is warm and sunny now; asap.

Rob-bear said...

We REALLY need warm and sunny, asap, Rosaria. My feet are getting webbed, and I make these strange quacking sounds from time to time. Not Bear-like at all.

Natalie said...

We have had monumental rain too.
Happy Birthday Miss Sadie and Nuala too, wherever she is.

Jackie said...

How pretty Ms. Sadie is! She is posing for the camera...right?!
Happy birthday to her!
Smiles from Jackie
(It was 100 degrees (F) here today in South Georgia. I'll trade you a few degrees...but trust me, you wouldn't want this humidity. Enjoy your weather...we could use the rain!

Snowbrush said...

I'm glad you feel like posting.

It has been cool and wet down here in the Pacific Northwest too, Rob-bear. As much as I hate similar weather in winter, I rather like it now that the days are long, and things are growing.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Sadie!!! She is indeed a beauty...and such a lovely personality!!

And I love your "silly" idea!! What a terrific name...but sheep? Naaw! I think bears are BEST!

Have a wonderful walk! Sending you all the warmest thoughts and wishes! Hugs, Janine

French Fancy... said...

Happy Birthday Sadie - I hope the sun comes to warm up the lovely bear very soon. It's been glorious here lately - please don't send us your rain

Rob-bear said...

®Natsy: I thought it was winter down there. How much snow so far?

®Teacher's Pet: She's trying to look cute, which isn't too difficult for her. We'll take a bit of heat; you just filter out the humidity and keep the water.

®Snowbrush: Glad things are growing; it would be a terrible waste of water otherwise.

®Janine: It wouldn't be Wales without sheep. And we had a grand walk, thank you.

®Julie: The day began as you predicted. Want a job as a weather forecaster?

GutsyWriter said...

Looks like Sadie just had her hair done for the birthday party. You went from tons of snow to tons of rain. What's happening to the world?

Rob-bear said...

®Sonia: Actually, Sadie goes for her hair cut this week; next week we go on holidays.

I don't know about the weather. Patterns have been different in the last few years.

Fennie said...

Sorry about the rain. We've been relatively dry here. Are you on the prairies? I thought the prairies didn't get much rain and that was why there were few trees. I've always missed Saskatchewan been to the left of it and the right of it but never hit the bulls eye. Do you have mountains. You would need mountains for Wales!

The Bipolar Diva said...

Oh, I have a black standard poodle!

Rob-bear said...

®Fennie: Yes, it's supposed to be quite dry here. Which is what has made this year so uncommon. There are predictions of substantially less crop because it's been too wet to seed, and seeded crop is water-damaged.

And, actually, Canada's famed Rocky Mountains begin in south central Saskatchewan. Lived in a small town near that point. Reminds me of the movie about the chap who went up a hill and came down a mountain.

®BD: Welcome; thanks for dropping in. Her Ladyship is our third Standard Poodle. All three black, and female. The fist two were about 35 pounds full-grown; Sadie is about 50 pounds, and may not have reached her mature weight.