Thursday, February 11, 2010


This is Sadie — nine months old today. She weighs 50 pounds, of which 45 pounds are muscle and enthusiasm. And, yes, she is strong enough to pull me over. Which means I have to be a bit more careful when I'm taking her for her walks.

P.S.: She is going to get a hair cut in a couple of weeks; I'll post a new picture when she looks more like a dog and less like a Bear.


Natalie said...

She is certainly getting a big girl! Why are you awake at this hour????

Annie said...

She is really gorgeous. Do give her a hug from me :-)
A x

French Fancy... said...

How come I missed this post? I was looking down my sidebar to see where you were and when I found this and no comment from me - well, Rob, I felt dreadful. sorry about this and Sadie is looking gorgeous.

Has your eye settled down at last? How is the vision?

thinking of you

Rosaria Williams said...

She keeps you moving. I like all that hair, unless it sheds all over the place.

Rob-bear said...

Thanks so much for your kind thoughts, friends. I've just had surgery done on my left (second) eye, and I literally cannot read what I am typing, except with the aid of a magnifying glass. Sadly, I don't have a third hands. I'll be getting some reading glasses in a few days, which should help. In the meantime, I can tell a hawk for a heron at a mile, but can't read the hymn book at worship.

®Natalie: Thanks; I think she's pretty special. I was up in the early morning because my eye was sore enough (with some internal bleeding, I think) that I couldn't sleep, and had to take some meds. I'm seeing the surgeon yet again this afternoon. Gr@$#%$^&*@rr!

®Wipso: Thanks. I've given her a big hug. She will look even better after her hair cut. But she is a big girl

®FF: You've bamboozled by Blogger, Julie. I started the post on Sadie's birthday, but somehow didn't post it until very early this morning (when I couldn't sleep). My first eye is well healed; the second is proving to be a bit problematic (as I mentioned to Natalie). The surgery went well — I'm just a "peculiar" patient. I'm sure there's no lasting damage. Thanks so much for your concern.

®lakeviewer: Sadie does indeed keep me moving — between three and six kilometres a day. Being a Poodle, she doesn't shed, which is why she needs hair cuts. So, she is a bit on the "high-maintenance" side. NO, she's not for sale; I count on her that much!

Tattieweasle said...

WOW sHe is a big girl but she's gorgeous!

Snowbrush said...

As I well know, black dogs aren't easy to photograph, and if they have lots of fur, it's even harder.

CAMILLA said...

Ah, lovely photo of Sadie, she has had a haircut now I know, she still looks lovely, and looks very comfortable sitting in her master's chair.