Friday, December 4, 2009



Temperatures hit -20°C last night (-4°F). Under such conditions, our world is transformed -- at least along the river. The cold air hitting the warmer water raises huge clouds of mist.

The sand bar on which the ducks and geese are accustomed to gathering turns into an island of snow and ice.

And the world around us is turned into something of a fairy castle -- suitable for Fairy Nuff, and others.

Ah, yes; it IS that time of year. Soon it will be too cold for taking Sadie out, except for the shortest of walks. Even the birds have gone into hiding.


Rosaria Williams said...

Lovely pictures, Rob-bear. Sadie will miss her walks. Too cold for me to think.

Frances said...

These pictures and those from the just-prior post are very dramatic. Nature surely can put on a show. Thank you for providing the ticket to this performance.

I am hoping that December is soon going to show you much kindness. It seems as if you've recently been tested a bit more than most of us.

This makes me greatly appreciate your continuing sense of humor. Cheers!

The Blog Fodder said...

Too cold for the dog or too cold for you? Even in very cold, Vicki and Monty got 15 to 20 min walks. With funny looking jackets on. Drew the line at -30. Their feet got cold and they would just sit to be carried.

French Fancy... said...

Oh it looks so pretty and I'm better in very cold temperatures than very hot ones. I'd still moan about it though.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

What a terrific post!!! Your photo narrative is poetic! And the photos are simply fantastic!! I love the mist rising from the beautiful! It is snowing here today as well...the earth dons her winter garb...and I nestle near a warm fire...hope you and Sadie stay warm as well!!! Hugs, Janine

Rob-bear said...

Thanks for dropping by, folks; so nice to hear from you.

® Lakeviewer: Sadie and I are still out walking -- just shorter walks, so we don't freeze. A balmy -14°C (7°F) this morning. Of course when you count in the wind chill it feels like -23°C (-9°F). Just a bit chilly. Bracing. Invigorating.

® Frances: Nature surely does put on a show. We're "Bear-ing up." And still walking.

® BF: Too cold for man or beast. But that stops neither of us. (Just don't dare suggest we're mentally deficient.)

®F: True; it's easier to put on an extra layer on than take one off! (Walking around with no clothes could be problematic.) Temperature in the house is a pretty constant 20°C (68°F) this time of year. We have central heating, with an extra gas stove in the basement (which is rarely on).

® S&S: We're both reasonably well, and enjoying our (shorter) walks. Tea by the fire (with a good book) sounds idyllic. In fact, that's where we're headed now.

RachelW said...

Wow! I posted a very similar photo today. The frost, ice fog and sun do make an awesome sight!

Nancy said...

It reminds me of our days in Minnesota. Brrrrrrrr!

Tattieweasle said...

But it all looks so clean and clear and just beautiful. Cannot think it would get too cold to go out for walks.

CAMILLA said...

Great pictures Bear, they would make wonderful greeting cards. Love your idea of reading book by the fire with tea, sounds heaven.!

I had the privilage of seeing pink footed Geese migrating recently, such an amazing sight.