Saturday, October 17, 2009


OK -- let's get this straight right from square one. The header of this blog specifically indicates that we're "Exploring the anomalies and curiosities of Life. And things that are just plain Weird. Or Funny." Everybody clear on that? Good; we'll move on.

I received this award, from Joanne at "Reasons to be Cheerful, 1, 2, 3." Which was very kind of her. (Thank you, Joanne.)

The note with this says; "This award is an acknowledgement of womanhood and sisterhood." Kind of a "solidarity" and "compassion" kind of think, I guess.

Uhhhh . . . Now this is exceedingly peculiar, because the Bear is not a she, but a he.

How to get around the problem? Joanne has declared the Bear an "honourary sister."

Hmmmm . . . Did somebody say, "anomalies," "curiosities," or "weird"? Granted, Bear may be a creative thinker, but not even I could make this one up!
"Honourary Sister!?" Ahhhh, . . . well, . . . "interesting."

This started (I think) with Rosaia at "sixtyfivewhatnow" -- though she would be an obvious candidate for the award, so I should send one back anyhow. So pay attention: Natalie; Renee; Camilla: Frances; Sonia; Wendy; Dana; Julie; Janine -- and a whole bunch of others with whom I correspond semi-regularly and have forgotten to mention -- this is for you! (Bear's mind is getting mushy at this hour; I'm forgetting details.) So help yourself. There's a copy on my sidebar -- it's for YOU, all of you -- loving, caring, thoughtful sisters [l.e., human beings]. There's even one for the Blog Fodder, who we'll also classify as an "honourary sister." (No offense, big guy.)

Now, back to our regularly-scheduled programming.


Natalie said...

Thanks Mr Girlie Bear! Much appreciated.xx♥

Reasons said...

Speaking of weird my comment on which books we are reading seems never to have arrived - oh well.

Glad you have accepted the award. Nothing odd about honorary sisters, I had men at my hen party before I got married, some dressed as hens the others as women. You see it could have been worse!!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, Rob...that's hysterically funny!!! You approached this with much decorum and grace!!! Congratulations! ;-) We love you! Hugs, Janine

The Blog Fodder said...

Honourary Sister? Well, I was once called one of the mothers by a Kindergarten teacher. I have been referred to as a mother before but as i said usually as part of a compound word. Thanks for the award. What does one do with it?