Friday, July 10, 2009


Three baby Robins (American Robins, not the British type) made their appearance in our back yard today. These were not small babies, but still had most of the immature plumage (see picture -- very speckled breast and back -- not the bright red breast of the adults). BTW -- American Robins are actually members the the Thrush family; they're not Robins.

As followers will remember, the first Mrs. Robin (who nested in out tree) died of septicemia after being hit by a predator (probably a neighbour cat). But Mr. Robin held on to his territory, found another Mrs. Robin, and behold -- the babies have made it to our 24/7 B&B ("Bird and Breakfast") yard.

They're actually quite comical. They have this unusual style of running; You'd think they would fall over at any minute. One was trying to to "play" with a sparrow. The sparrow had no intention of playing with a "baby" that was twice the sparrow's size, and a bit un-coordinated (and thus unpredictable).


Wendy said...

Glad to hear this story has a happy ending ☺

Natalie said...

Cool stuff!I am having a very funny, visual image of them as we speak.xx♥

Gutsy Living said...

Mr. Robin didn't grieve for very long, did he?
Glad you have so much action going on in your backyard.

Rob-bear said...

® Wendy: Yeah, good ending, happily.

® Natalie: It was exciting to see "our" baby Robins.

® Sonia: Mr. Robin was very "practical." (I think that's word.) Things haven't been quite so active lately -- we've been having rain about every second day, and the birds usually like to stay dry -- as do we.

Renee said...

Dear friend, how you must love watching your dear birds. I hope my husband doesn't find a new Ms. Robin that fast when I die. har har

Love Renee xoxo

Gutsy Living said...

I just wrote and forgot to put in the code, so it got erased. I see Rob-bear is taking it easy. Are you trying to stay dry?

Jo ~ said...

hi there! just dropping in to see how life is on the range. I love watching birds, too!

Rob-bear said...

Renee, Sonia, and Bella: I'm assuming you're familiar with the story about the absent-minded butcher. That's the shape I'm in -- behind in my work.

® Renee -- I can't help you with that.

® Sonia: -- fairly dry -- like my sense of humour.

® Bella -- thanks so much for dropping by; I'll try to visit you in due course.