Monday, July 9, 2012


(The following was purloined borrowed from ExmoorJane Alexander. I asked if I could use it, and she didn't say I couldn't. Thanks, Jane.)

• Really tough, hard exercise can sort out all manner of nonsense and garbage. 

• Listen to your body.  It really does tell the truth.  Unfortunately most of us are not accustomed to listening. And we suffer from that self-inflicted deafness. 
• Breathing is very hard. 
• Your mind will lead you astray. It may also help you back. 
• Meditation should be obligatory – for the mental health of the world. 
• Never tell anyone what to do.  It is not your business. Unless someone asks for help.
• Contradictions abound. Everywhere. 

• Love your enemies – they have the most to teach you.  Seriously. 
• Unfortunately banks don’t run on quantum principles. 
• When in doubt, play loud rock music. Or some classics.
• Fasting for long periods and driving is not a good combination. 

• Drinking alcohol and driving is not a good combination. 
• Think before you spout out nonsense. 
• Don’t think too much. 
• A sense of humour is the probably the most important character trait you can have. It will get you through all manner of things. 
• If you can’t change your life, change the way you think about it. 
• We are all alone. 
• We get by with a bit of help from our friends. Sometimes a lot of help. 
• You can’t please everyone – don’t even try. 
• Nobody can save you. Unless you ask for help. And even then, it’s questionable. 
• If you love someone, tell them (yes, even if they’re psychic). 
• Try not to judge. 
• Dogs are small gods, that bite. 
• Sugar is sweet evil. 
• Never judge a book by its cover (literally and metaphorically). 
• When something about someone really bugs you, ten to one you have that self-same trait yourself. Which is hugely annoying.  
• Massage restores the whole body and mind — it really does. 
• The truth hurts, sometimes. 
• Use all your senses – all the time. 
• Religion is mystery, metaphor and imagery — treat it with the respect it deserves. And if you choose it, live it. All the time.
• Love really is the bottom line. 
• Open your heart wide. 
• Be kind. Or at least try. 
• All people carry burdens. Some of these will not be visible.
• People are weird. 
• Never make assumptions. 
• Avoid people who drag you down.  
• Sometimes things which seem incredibly meaningful may be incredibly random, but that doesn’t keep them them from being incredibly wonderful. 
• Have no regrets. 
• Give it your best shot. 
• Don’t take yourself too seriously. 
• It’s not always about you. 
• It’s always about you. 
• Oracles are open to misinterpretation. Including this one.
• When dealing with people who seem ridiculous, just smile sweetly and nod. 
• It’s not worth trying to force the universe. The universe will snicker at you from behind its hand. 
• Trying to push a river is similarly pointless. 
• Never give up. 
• Know when you’re in a losing situation and quietly walk out backwards, making small “I’m not really here” hand motions. 
• Never turn down a rain poncho or an umbrella.

That's it. Now, do your own list, or steal borrow this and carry on.


Chatty Crone said...

Gosh a lot of great advice and things to think about here. If only you could remember them all especially when you need them. I think it is hard to remember what to do when you are in a stressed situation - somehow you have to make them a part of you. sandie

A Lady's Life said...

Very good advice :)

Just Two Chicks said...

Thank you for the great advice! There's quite a bit of it, and I'm sure even more could follow!!

DJan said...

I love these, Bear. I also like the one about dancing like no one is watching. :-)

Helen said...

Following these pearls of wisdom will definitely make living more bearable. For you and everyone surrounding you! I'd like to think I have a few of these positive aspects in my approach to life.

Rob-bear said...

® Chatty Crone: Well you could print them and memorize them, day by day.

® A Lady's Life: Glad you enjoyed, and that you let me know. Thanks

® Just Two Chicks: You're welcome. And I just volunteered you to add to the list. See, even a Bear knows how to delegate!

® DJan: Yeah; dance like nobody's watching. Someone I know was doing something in a meeting room, and thinking she was all alone, sang "White Rabbit" from Jefferson Airplane's 1967 album. She got an ovation from the crowd that had gathered wile she sang.

® Helen: I'm sure a lot of these apply to you. And are helping to make your life more Bearable. ;)

betty said...

I think I need to print these out too and keep them handy; great wisdom/advice here; I like the one that love really is the bottom line. I think if we just did what Jesus said to love the Lord our God with our whole heart and soul and mind and love our neighbor like we love ourselves, the world would truly be such a more kinder place......

thanks for sharing these :)


lotta joy said...

I loved "It's not always about you" and "It's always about you"

Yep. And at the same time!

The Broad said...

These are definitely worth printing out. Brilliant compilation, Bear...

Rob-bear said...

® lotta joy: Yes, a bit of a mixed message. But your brain will unravel the conundrum before breakfast. I'm counting on you!

® The Broad: The real credit goes to Jane; it's her list. I just edited it a bit. Hope your sojourn in France is going well!

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Pearls of wisdom, all of them. Thanks Jane and Bear!

Kristy said...

Love your post on wisdom. Going to print it out.

Diana said...

I know you are married but I think I'm in love!!! What a list, spectacular, wise, wonderful, I agree with it all. The loud music one, it works very well!!
I would like to add one if I may?
When dealing with two stubborn teens at once and you feel your temper start to flare, take a ride in your car. With the music really loud!!!
Love Di ♥

cheshire wife said...

I think that is all I shall ever need to know.

Unknown said...

Love, love love this Rob-bear...Thank you for sharing

Golden Eagle said...

That is an excellent list!

susan said...

If you try to make at least one person smile every day, then in ten years you may have made 3,650 people a little happier.

kj said...

even walking backwards, i say, my favorite of these:

• Love really is the bottom line.

great list, mr. rob bear. thank you ♥


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Damp good advice.

Rob-bear said...

® That corgi: Which is precisely why love is the bottom line.

® Cathy Olliffe-Webster: Glad you enjoyed!

® Kristy: Print away all you want!

® Diana: Thanks for the car-riding tip!

® rosaria williams: But I don't think any of this is new. Still, it's nice to have some great ideas all in one place.

Rob-bear said...

® cheshire wife: But you already know this, and a whole lot more.

® Jacqueline and The Golden Eagle: Glad you enjoyed this.

® susan: A great thought. Thanks for that!

® kj: "Put a little love in your heart"!

® J Cosmo Newbery: Beats being all wet, by a damn site! Thanks.

That Janie Girl said...

LOVE this. So true.

Rob-bear said...

® That Janie Girl: Glad you have enjoyed this. And glad you are back!

The Blog Fodder said...

Will borrow this. thanks.

Lydia said...

What a meaningful list. Thank you for posting/re-posting it. I'm stuck on the one about meditation being obligatory, as I think if everyone meditated it would be life-changing and world-changing. But I question whether forcing someone to meditate would have a positive outcome....
Oh well, when in doubt, get a massage!

Gossip_Grl said...

Nice list! Now if only I can remember them! Enjoyed reading your blog posting

Rob-bear said...

® Blog Fodder: Help yourself. I've quoted you before. Actually, years before. These darned reporters, and all.

® Lydia: Well, I suppose if the list were not meaningful, neither Jane nor I would have published it. Still, thanks for saying so.
There is none of these which we can impose on people. You are certainly right in that. But it would be wonderful if people chose a calmer, more meditative life-style.
In a world like ours, when so many people can rub us the wrong way, it's nice when there is someone who can rub us the right way. A massage therapist of my acquaintance can surely do that.

® Gossip-Grl: If you cannot remember, you can always copy and print. Nobody will know. And I won't be broken-hearted. Especially if you give credit where credit is due.

Michelloui said...

This is such a useful post, great tips, great ideas and I even tweeted one right now with a link to this post: 'If you love someone, tell them (yes, even if they’re psychic).'

I love it! :)

Rob-bear said...

R Michelloui: Thanks you so much for dropping by Bear's blog. And thanks for sharing your thought.
I think you are doing some wonderful work. Please keep it up!

About Last Weekend said...

It's taken me some years but the smile sweetly and nod is great advice as too often giving some a lecture somehow puts you in the wrong.

Exmoorjane said...

Heeey... :)

Rob-bear said...

® About Last Weekend: Great news, Jodi. Now you can try something else on the list.

® ExmoorJane: "Heeey" yourself. Where I live, forgiveness is often easier to come by than permission. But note: I did ask! You didn't say No!"
She who hesitates is bossed.