Saturday, February 27, 2010


It's Day 16 of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. Things got off to a bit of a slow start, but picked up — at least from the Canadian perspective. We've now won or are assured of 20 medals or so. Not the 30 that the politicians wanted us to win, but nothing too shabby, either. (I think this may be close to a "National Best.")

There's been lots to celebrate in the last few days. A gold and silver in Womens' Bobsleigh.
Gold in Womens' Hockey. Silver in Womens' Curling, after a heartbreaking last shot. Back-to-back victories in Mens' Hockey (which means we will get either gold or silver, tomorrow, playing the USA). A chance for gold in Men's Curling tonight.

For those who are into celebrating, there's lots to celebrate. If Bear were into Mead, Bear would probably have a hangover, like a lot of other people.

But Bear isn't "into" Mead.

Bear's hangover is more troubling.

Spring thaw has begun. Water is dripping from the melting snow on the roof, then freezing at night. The evestroughs (gutters) are plugged; the water is falling on the ground, leaving a long icy path from front to back of house —

and coating the back stairs.

It is a challenge for man and beast (or, in this case, Bear and Dog) to come and go in safety.

So, how do we get out for our thrice a day walks?

VERY carefully.

§ § §

Hark! The kitchen timer sounds. The peanut butter cookies are ready.

If one cannot do useful things outside, once can attempt to do useful things inside.


Natalie said...

Are you sure you haven't got a hangover Bear????Hmmmmmm?

I will have tea,with milk, no sugar please. I am sweet enough. May I have a cookie with it?

Be careful on the ice!!!!!!

Rob-bear said...

®Natsy: I absolutely have a hangover — and you've got a picture of it. I've never had the other kind. (Too much Methodism in my madness.)

Tea with milk is good. (I don't know how to make a decent cup of coffee.) You're sweet enough? Won't go there (Mark might get jealous). You're certainly welcome to have cookie, if J hasn't eaten them all. I'll have to check the fridge.

Reasons said...

Peanut butter cookie making sounds like fine way to cure a hangover, from ice sources or any other. Stay safe and keep cooking!

French Fancy... said...

Oh Rob, do be careful. Is Sadie on a lead when you go down the stairs? Our two are real pullers and I wouldn't go out with them in the ice.

Loved this version of Clouds but Joni's is still the best.

Gill - That British Woman said...

oh those icicles, we have a couple ready to drop.........

I don't know what's worse, the snow or the ice.....roll on Spring......


Rob-bear said...

®Reasons: Unfortunately, making peanut butter cookies isn't helping much. The hangover is worse today than it was yesterday!

®Julie: We've resorted to going out the front door.

®Gill: The snow isn't a dangerous as the ice.

cheshire wife said...

Those steps look treacherous. Perhaps you could practise your aerials for the next Olympics? Seriously though please take care!

Tattieweasle said...

Well, all I can say is, apart form be very careful Bear of course, is Congratulations Canada!!!!!!!!!

Gutsy Living said...

Wonderful Olympics, although I did not stay glued to my TV. I cannot relate to the slippery ice. You know why. Be careful on the stairs.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Mmm, yum!!! I'll have some, thank you!!! Congrats on all the wins at the Olympics!!! Please do be careful on those stairs, my dear Bear!!! Big Bear Hugs to you!! Janine

Rob-bear said...

I should warn you — the hangover got much, much worse before it got better. I should have taken a picture, but it was a bit too risky, thanks very much.

®CW: Actually, it's a mini-ice track for Luge, Skeleton, or Bobsleigh. Want to come practice one of those? (Too small for figure skating.)

®TW: Thanks. I've become a very slippery Bear. Sadie is not amused.

®Sonia: Olympics were good — good and expensive; very expensive. Since you've been in Belize, you should try a different type of climate for a while — as a "learning experience." Perhaps before you go to Gatorsville . . . I mean Florida. And I didn't go near those stairs, until yesterday, when I finally cleared off the ice.

®S&S: Thanks for the congrats. If you're coming, I'll make some more cookies. Now that the stairs a clear, I have to start on the rest of the mess. Bear hugs to you! Have you come out of the avalanche, or do I need to leave the St. Bernards there a little longer to keep digging you out?