Sunday, February 21, 2010


This is a bear.

This is a dog.

How do you transform a Bear into a Dog? By giving her a hair cut. Which is what happened yesterday.

Of course, that sort of thing won't happen to this Bear. (Some "friends" might try to tell you otherwise; don't believe them.)

One other confounding factor.

When Miss Sadie goes for a walk, she doesn't just stick to the path. Oh, no! She loves to get out and play in the snow, right up to her belly. And when she does that, she doesn't just run; she leaps like a deer. (Sorry I don't have video.)

Today's question: If Miss Sadie a Bear, a Dog, or a Deer? You can leave your vote in the "added thoughts" section at the bottom.

One thing is clear, however. No matter how the vote goes, Miss Sadie is a "dear."

§ § §

By the way, having less hair hasn't stopped Sadie for a minute. After breakfast, she went for her regular two kilometre walk, as happily as ever. And when she got home, did she want to come inside, and warm up? Of course not! She insisted on playing "fetch" with her toy "cat" in the back yard, as usual. And after that, she had a great tear around the yard, and up the path beside the house. When she finally came in, did she come downstairs and lie in front of the gas heater? No way! She insisted on lying upon the sofa in our unheated back porch.

Which reminds me; I should go check on her before I head out to Morning Worship.


Annie said...

Oh bless her she has grown up all over night :-)
A x

CAMILLA said...

Hello Rob-bear,

What a great photo that is of Miss Sadie, she looks like a beautiful french poodle, poodles have such gorgeous wooly fur. My vote - definately a very dear dog, my dog Daisy prefers the sofa too to her doggie basket, these dogs know a good thing or two.!

Jackie said...

She's lovely!!! Such a sweet spirit!!
Miss Sadie hasn't been transformed....she is what she is...a 'dear' as you said.
Love the descriptions of her. Wish I had her spunk. Kisses to Miss Sadie!
Smiles from Jackie

Rosaria Williams said...

What a sweet dog! She is an indoor companion, truly a dog.

Natalie said...

Ah, she looks booful!

Reasons said...

Well isn't she posh! Don't think she'd be having anything to do with our Charlie, looking like that!

Rob-bear said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts, friends.

®Wipso — she hasn't finished growing yet.

®Camilla — glad you like Poodles. Sadie is our third. Strangely, though, since her hair cut, she seems to prefer her doggie bed. Not sure what's going on with her.

®Jackie — true; the "transformation" was superficial

®lakeviewer — great companion — indoors and outdoors.

®Reasons — on the contrary, Sadie wants to make friends with EVERY dog she meets! (BTW, how is Charlie doing without you?)

French Fancy... said...

She is simply magnificent, Rob. Does she love being an 'only dog'?

Rob-bear said...

®FF: — what she likes, Julie, is that she's a pampered puppy, with no competition, and two people who dote on her (more or less). And, she gets to take me for walks; ironically, I used to take her for walks. ;) Six kilometers a day — sunshine, rain, or snow (which we get a lot, hereabouts).

Tattieweasle said...

Why Miss Sadie - You're Beautiful!!!
She really is quite gorgeous and I love the fact that it's not changed her one jot!

Jean said...

Wow, she is beautiful. Our standard poodle, Lulu, is now 18 months old. She really doesn't like going to the hairdressers - I think she puts up a bit of a fight!
How does Sadie like it ? Does she have good "parlour manners"?

Gutsy Living said...

I love your new baby. She is definitely a poodle with personality. She has her own mind, as do most women. She is strong and knows how to get her master to exercise for his own health benefits. She is quite simply, a Gutsy Dog.

Rob-bear said...

®TW - yes, she is beautiful, but she has been behaving differently since she had her hair cut — much more independent.

®Jean — Sadie has pretty good "parlour manners," but she's only been twice. No idea what will happen as she grows up.

®Sonia — "poodle with personality" is a good phrase. (We won't use "attitude" — yet.) But she is a "gutsy" dog.

cheshire wife said...

What a transformation! If only us humans could be transformed so easily.

The Bipolar Diva said...

heehee....My Nina looks like a bear now. She needs a haircut SO badly!