Thursday, February 11, 2010


This is Sadie — nine months old today. She weighs 50 pounds, of which 45 pounds are muscle and enthusiasm. And, yes, she is strong enough to pull me over. Which means I have to be a bit more careful when I'm taking her for her walks.

P.S.: She is going to get a hair cut in a couple of weeks; I'll post a new picture when she looks more like a dog and less like a Bear.


Natalie said...

She is certainly getting a big girl! Why are you awake at this hour????

Wipso said...

She is really gorgeous. Do give her a hug from me :-)
A x

French Fancy said...

How come I missed this post? I was looking down my sidebar to see where you were and when I found this and no comment from me - well, Rob, I felt dreadful. sorry about this and Sadie is looking gorgeous.

Has your eye settled down at last? How is the vision?

thinking of you

lakeviewer said...

She keeps you moving. I like all that hair, unless it sheds all over the place.

Rob-bear said...

Thanks so much for your kind thoughts, friends. I've just had surgery done on my left (second) eye, and I literally cannot read what I am typing, except with the aid of a magnifying glass. Sadly, I don't have a third hands. I'll be getting some reading glasses in a few days, which should help. In the meantime, I can tell a hawk for a heron at a mile, but can't read the hymn book at worship.

®Natalie: Thanks; I think she's pretty special. I was up in the early morning because my eye was sore enough (with some internal bleeding, I think) that I couldn't sleep, and had to take some meds. I'm seeing the surgeon yet again this afternoon. Gr@$#%$^&*@rr!

®Wipso: Thanks. I've given her a big hug. She will look even better after her hair cut. But she is a big girl

®FF: You've bamboozled by Blogger, Julie. I started the post on Sadie's birthday, but somehow didn't post it until very early this morning (when I couldn't sleep). My first eye is well healed; the second is proving to be a bit problematic (as I mentioned to Natalie). The surgery went well — I'm just a "peculiar" patient. I'm sure there's no lasting damage. Thanks so much for your concern.

®lakeviewer: Sadie does indeed keep me moving — between three and six kilometres a day. Being a Poodle, she doesn't shed, which is why she needs hair cuts. So, she is a bit on the "high-maintenance" side. NO, she's not for sale; I count on her that much!

Tattie Weasle said...

WOW sHe is a big girl but she's gorgeous!

Snowbrush said...

As I well know, black dogs aren't easy to photograph, and if they have lots of fur, it's even harder.

CAMILLA said...

Ah, lovely photo of Sadie, she has had a haircut now I know, she still looks lovely, and looks very comfortable sitting in her master's chair.