Monday, March 8, 2010


First, the hangover got much, much worse.

Then, the walk beside our house turned into an ice track. Ideal for Bobsleigh, Luge, or Skeleton — except the Olympics are over.

Then the ice started to melt — thanks to warmer weather and a well-place application of salt and grit.

I've been able to do some chopping as well (after a few days of dodgy health). Now, it's almost safe to walk beside the house. Miss Sadie and I have done it a couple of times, without incident.

In a few days, I expect the path will be clear.

And by then, our very muddy back yard will appear, and I'll start thinking of building Miss Sadie her own private race track, so she isn't bringing half the back yard into the house, four paws-full at a time.

Ah, well.

Hope your spring it turning out nicely at this point.

What's happening in your corner of the world as spring emerges?


Natalie said...

Well, Autumn is here for us.
It is still hot, but there are subtle changes the sun is different in the mornings etc. Soon it will be sunny, but cool...temps about 23C
Autumn in Australia is superb!

Jean said...

Our spring is still a long way off. The snow and ice have gone but it is still cold and the flowers are all well behind. No daffodils anywhere yet.
Lulu had her operation to be spayed last week. She was soon bounding around like nothing had happened.
Well, you did ask !!!

Lee said...

No snow here, though we had some nice hail on the weekend. Heading into autumn/fall so pleasantly mild.

Rob-bear said...

Thanks for your comments, friends.

®Natsy: Silly ol' Bear that I am — I forgot that it's autumn in the other half of the world. Sigh. It's like time zones — one is never quite sure where one is in relation to others. Surprising thought — for you 23C is cool; for us, it's warm.

®Jean: Thanks for dropping by. The only Harley I have is the one which roars around in my mind. Like you in Derby, it's going to be quite a while 'til spring. Trust Lulu is doing well. When Sadie got home from her spay surgery in January, first thing she did was bound up on to her accustomed spot on the sofa beside the gas stove. (Got a picture on this blog.) Never mind that the vet said she should hardly be using the stairs. Dogs are brighter than we give them credit for being. What manner of dog is Lulu?

®Lee: Great to hear from you. Hail on the weekend is "Bah; humbug." Unless the gang's all there, and they're all "hail and hearty." (I know; that's bad. I'm outa' here.)

Jean said...

Lulu is an apricot standard poodle. She's our fourth poodle but our first puppy - it's been a steep learning curve. The other three were adult rescues.

in case you're interested, she has her own blog. There's a link to it on mine. (Sorry for the advert.)

French Fancy... said...

Oh Rob, I'm sorry to hear you haven't been well.

As for this bloomin' snow - it has been the worst winter I can remember for ages. I was like a prisoner here and then of course after falling in the ice on the balcony I have now become paranoid about going out when it is frosty even. (gosh, my grammar decided to take a holiday today).

I think Sadie having her own run will be just the job for inclement weather.

cheshire wife said...

Here the weather has been cold and frosty with sunny days. Now, if the forecast is correct, it is going to start warming up. We have snow drops and crocuses in flower but it will be a week or two before we have daffodils in flower. Everything is late this year.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Thank you, dear Rob, for your kind words...I am on the mend!! A virus ripped through our house...but I am glad to report that we gave it the boot ;-) I am glad to hear that you are out and about again...and continue to pray for you! You are a wonderful friend, and have been much in my thoughts...And I'm sure Sadie is absolutely thrilled with the thaw!! Hope you have a terrific week! Hugs, Janine

Jackie said...

I'm glad that the thaw has begun...and I can't wait until Sadie has her place to run where her paws don't get cold. I'm glad she has done well since her surgery in January. I love animals...domestic and 'non'... :))
Have a lovely week.
Smiles to you from Jackie

Rob-bear said...

Sorry to be slow in replying, friends. Bear is (mentally) still on spring break.

®Jean: Congratulations on your wisdom to choose Poodles. And even to rescue a few! Bravo!

®CW: Hope the weather predictions were correct. We've still got snow on the ground here. Sigh! We were going to check on crocuses today, but the weather wasn't right for the event.

®Janine: Thanks for the support. We got a thaw, then more snow, and now another thaw. Who knows what we will get next. But we've still got snow.

®Jackie: Sadie and I are out regularly, in the midst of thaw and mud. Repairs are needed in the yard, where Sadie and Nuala raced around. We'll get to them as soon as we can.