Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them."

That's the famous signature line from the American tv series "The Naked City" (based on the movie with the same title). Both were crime dramas; both were set in New York City. The film was done in 1948; the tv series on ABC was 1958-63.

In blogsphere, there must be at least eighty trillion stories (and counting). Some are hilariously funny. Some are painfully real. Some raise significant public issues. Some are simply telling us about the "nuts and bolts" (and poopy diapers) of everyday living. Some are just plain rants (as in, "There now; aren't you glad I got this out of my system?"). Some are "earthy" (a polite way of saying "obscene," or close to that).

Some of the writing is pretty bad (needs a good editor -- good editors can fix just about anything); some is scintillating. Indeed, some of the writing is good enough to be published. There are people can open their hearts and minds (and souls) to total strangers in such a way that we are drawn into their experience -- the experience they have created. There are lots of Garrison Keillors and Margaret Atwoods out there. You can trust the ol' bear on this. (I say that as someone whose work has been published regularly over the space of about 30 years, on radio and in print.)

Except for the worst stuff, I find I'm amused and inspired by what you write.

So keep on blogging, writing. Please.


Natalie said...


What did you write for thirty years?

I am dying of curiosity now.

Rob-bear said...

Natalie: I wrote stories. What were you expecting -- the "great Canadian novel"? Not a chance. (OK -- more, later.)

The Blog Fodder said...

Rob-Bear, I love the description of yourself under About the Bear. Writing stories is a great accomplishment because more people read them than read novels in many cases.

Bill Lisleman said...

love that open range - did you take that picture?

Rob-bear said...

lisleman: Nope. The pic comes courtesy of The Blog Fodder. Credit is given at the bottom of the page.

contemporary themes said...

Wow! Thanks for dropping by my blog and reading a part of my story and leaving a wonderfully comforting comment. I appreciate it more than you know!

It's nice to "meet" you!

Rob-bear said...

She: You and your student teacher did some pretty neat stuff. Way to go!