Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Young Dog and I have just returned from our third trip around "the circuit" for today.

That circuit takes us down some sidewalks, on the path through a park, and back home via the riverbank trail. The park was the site of a Tuberculosis Sanatorium from 1925 until about 15 year ago -- the buildings are long since gone.

It takes us about 15 minutes to make the trip of about one kilometer -- enough time for us to have as semi-brisk walk, but still allow YD to sniff around and do whatever. But having gone from little or no walking on a daily basis to three "circuits" per day has been a bit of a stretch -- particularly for my muscles. Fortunately, rest and meds have dealt effectively with the pain. (I know, I'm rushing things a bit -- but the dog won't wait.)

Last week, it was "tough sledding" through the snow. But above-freezing temperatures (in the range of 3°C to 5°C during the day), with good southerly winds, have been melting the ice and snow nicely, so the trek is a good deal less treacherous.Overall YD is doing a good job -- walking me regularly. (Yes, I've gone to the dog -- or, more correctly, with the dog.)

With this kind of weather, I hope to get my tree trimming done tomorrow. That would be nice. Then, my thoughts will start turning to the garden. But that's going to be a while.


The Blog Fodder said...

Sounds like Young Dog is teaching an old dog new trips. Now I know what part of teh city you are in. Ky lived along teh riverbank down there when she was doing her MA.

Natalie said...

Methinks the Rob does protest too much. Secret love affair happening with woolly, fun friend!
Watch this space!xx

Rob-bear said...

BF: Hmmmm. . . . D'ya think?

Natalie: Been in love with the YD for a long time.