Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Her Ladyship, Miss Sadie, is recuperating comfortably at home after her ovariohysterectomy surgery yesterday at the university's veterinary hospital. (She was spayed.)

Lady Sadie wished to sport a British motif for her first official picture since returning home. In addition to her black fur coat she is dressed in an "Elizabethan Collar" (the official name for the cone-shaped thing around her neck). She is in her accustomed position, on the sofa beside the gas heater in the basement.

Lady Sadie wishes to thank all those who have expressed their concerns for her welfare during this planned procedure. She does not understand, however, that her activity is to be restricted for the next 2-3 weeks, as she recovers from her experience at the vet hospital.


Rosaria Williams said...

OH, she'll be sore for a little while, needing love and rest.

Natalie said...

I am glad the little Miss is well. Sore, but well. :D

Snowbrush said...

I remember how sick Bonnie was after she had that surgery. I had never seen her anything but all-out, yet there she was lying under a cupboard and moaning.

Annie said...

Glad all went well. Hope she makes a good recovery. Big hugs from me.
A x

French Fancy... said...

Poor sweet doggie - our little Misty recuperated in about five days - she was playing again by then. In the meantime lots of comfort food I reckon - for both you and her.

Hope your eyesight is getting better every day too. When will the other eye be done?

Rob-bear said...

® lakeviewer: She's getting lots of both!

® Natsy: Thanks. She's sound asleep in her other "accustomed place" — right beside me at my desk.

® Snow: Senior vet student who did the job gave me some pain meds to give to Sadie. So far, no problems. The virtue of going to a vet college teaching hospital.

® Wipso: Thanks. Big hugs it is.

® FF: I think Sadie is pretty much well. She has to climb stairs to get out of the house. She's having no problem with that, and no problem taking short walks. And she can get up on to the sofa with no problems. I know vets (like doctors) are cautious, which is reasonable.

My eye is doing fairly well. Second eye surgery is in mid-February. Downside — I can't really see what I'm typing. :(( Hope this message makes sense. ;)

cheshire wife said...

Sadie will be grateful to you in the years to come.

Rob-bear said...

CW: I hope so. We just think of it as being part of responsible animal care in a time when there are too many unwanted "pets." It has, btw, taken her four days to make two to three weeks recovery. She is, for all intents and purposes, back to normal. Good news for all of us.

Renee said...

I hope that when your eye surgery is done that Ms. Sadie will look after you just as well.


Anonymous said...

It is so unfair for females. The male gets away with a little "snip" and the female (all species) has to have such inner pain and healing.

CAMILLA said...

Hi Rob-bear.!

Pleased to hear sweet Lady Sadie is back home and is recovering well.

As Renee has said........ hope that Sadie looks after you just as well when you have eye surgery soon.

Rob-bear said...

Sorry to be late in getting back to you folks. My eye is healing up, and the two are starting to work in tandem, so I can almost see things.

® Renee: I'm sure Sadie will give me lots of sympathy. She did the first time.

® Dana: True, but maybe better than having puppies.

® Camilla: Thanks for the concern. Things are going well.