Thursday, January 21, 2010


When the weather changes here, and we get very cold air meeting flowing water, our world is transformed.

We go walking in a winter wonderland.


CAMILLA said...

Hello Bear.!

Wow.! what great pictures, and look at that deep blue skyline, love the frost on those tree's too.

Bear does need to wrap up warm though to go walking in that beautiful Winter Wonderland.

Natalie said...

It certainly is very pretty Bear. :)

Rob-bear said...

Camilla and Natalie: Yes, it is quite lovely. A few miles north of this, the elm trees drape right across the roadway along the riverside. A spectacular sight when everything is frosted up!

Snowbrush said...

Very pretty!

Wendy said...

So pretty - nice to look at from this side of the world.

Rob-bear said...

® Snow: Pretty, and just a little surreal.

® Yes Wendy: This is how the other half lives. ;)