Monday, May 18, 2009


As I travel through the blogsphere, I notice various groups of "Mommy Bloggers." They talk about kids, and accomplishments, and breast feeding, and pets (sometimes), and diapers/nappies, and all kinds of things, including menopause (or "metal pause."). Which is all very good.

There is another group, however, that is equally deserving of respect, honour, and general recognition. I'm talking about the "Animal Bloggers."

For example:
1. There's me, Rob-bear -- a bear trapped in a human body; I oversee a bird "maternity ward."
2. There's Charlie, who appears from time to time of "Reasons to be Cheerful, 1,2,3."
3, There's Lucky, who used to be a regular contributor to "Life is Good."
4. There's the "Asbo-lutely" amazing Exmoor pooch, who can make decisions on issues too difficult for humans.
5. There's Poppy and Misty, who receive a great deal of French Fancy.
6. There's Sparky, and Charlie, who live in a haunted Northumbrian farm.
7. There's the Blog Fodder, who looks like a total jack-ass, but who is a lot brighter than he appears (and who shares his home with those delightful characters Bobil and Volk, as well as the evil Chuhma).
8. There's Montel, who's a regular star on "Buggering Crap Monkeys."
9. There's Vicki, often featured on "A Mandolyn and Ky."
10. There's Henry the Dog, who has his own blog.
And I'm sure there are many others.

Think of it. We could decide on our own special name.

Some among the more talented of us could develop a special badge we could put in our sidebars.

We would finally receive the respect and honour that we are due. (Even if we talk about our animals only from time to time.)

The time has come for action. Animal bloggers of the world, unite!


The Blog Fodder said...

RB, thanks for noticing my bray-ne.

Reasons said...

I've run this idea past Charlie and he thinks it is a very good idea. He's a very sociable hound and would like to link up to link minded mutts. He's also a show off so the side-bar thing goes down well with him. He will give the name some thought.

Exmoorjane said...

Yeah, Asbo would probably like his own blog. You might have missed his brief incarnation as a fortune teller and tarot card reader - that caused a bit of mirth for a while...yeah, yeah, not enough going on in life.
But please PLEASE let's not have dogs *blogging* ....endured one of those a few years back and it was painful.
dogblogs? it's got a certain ring - though probably made of poo.

Exmoorjane said...

btw, no links to these great dogblogs. Remedy please.

Anonymous said...

Had a chat with Sparky & Charlie and they think it's a great idea! I am a member of British Mummy Bloggers so don't see a reason why my animals shouldn't be a member of an animal blog! Mind you, Rob-Bear, I have a lot of animals - there's about 700 altogether.

CJ xx

Gutsy Living said...

Are you kicking us out? I love animals, especially my dog Cookie, a rat terrier. Poor thing she had a tooth extracted as her whole face had swollen from an infection. I see many animal bloggers, especially bird ones. Start a Bear's ONLY blog. Hahaha!

Rob-bear said...

Folks: Thanks for your comments.

What I'm thinking about is not a blog "by" animals, but "about" animals -- particularly our animals, whether domestic or feral; cats, dogs, guinea pigs, alligators, ferrets, moose, whatever. It could simply be a case of cross posting to another blog -- or something like Purplecoo -- or unique stories we wouldn't put anywhere else. I haven't made any decisions (other than actually get a blog URL, which is not the same as a blog title). I'm simply opening up a possibility, and listening to what people have to say. The project may never get off the ground. All depends on who wants to do what.


BTW Sonia, Mommy bloggers are welcome to join, as long as they're blogging about their animals.

The Blog Fodder said...

Thank you for recognizing my Bray-ne. Also it is Bobik (Mutt) Volk (Wolf) and Kuchma (evil former president of Ukraine). And Kuchma got two more swallows.

Unknown said...

Hey great idea...I wish you much luck with it and would enjoy reading..I wish I could contribute but I hardly have enough time to write mine ... :)

Unknown said...

Hey great idea and I would enjoy reading it..

Snowbrush said...

Don't forget shrub bloggers.

Rob-bear said...

Dani: Thaks for the encouragement.

Interesting thought, Snow: Though I think it might be worthwhile to start your own "bush league" blog. I'm sure the Presidents' George would be happy to be patrons of the groups. Might that work?

Natalie said...

Oh I LOVE that Bonnie Tyler song. Memories.......