Friday, November 2, 2012


It happens about this time every year. (Around All Saints' Day.)

Last night, we got rain. Which froze to the streets, and sidewalks, and whatever else it could. Then we got snow, about 15 centimetres (or 6 inches, if you still count things that way).

The process left the city with a nice blanket of white. Treacherous, but cute. 

But the city has slowed down, almost to a crawl. One pedestrian, no vehicles on the Broadway Bridge in the afternoon. Whoa; where did all the cars go?

It's a great day for an afternoon nap, or taking photos (from inside), or reading, or cleaning off one's desk, or writing poetry. (I put a little ditty about this on my poetry blog.)

It is not a great day for walking or driving a car. Unless, of course, you want to invite some sort of misadventure. 

Blessings and Bear hugs.


Chatty Crone said...

Happy Winter Time for you my friend. I will give you it is pretty for sure. And staying in - do you have a fire place. Sandie

Helen said...

Shouldn't be a problem for creatures with big paws like you! Funny that I thought of the word ditty before reading this post ... great minds and all that jazz.

Inger said...

Please send some snow my way! Why should you Canadians have all the fun?

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Hah! Fine and sunny here. (I think I just pulled a smile muscle...)

But I grant you that snow is pretty. As a picture.

Rob-bear said...

® Chatty Crone: Yes, winter is pretty. But no, we have no fire place in our apartment. Such a shame. Really.

® Helen: Not a problem unless I morph into my human form; then there are troubles. So I take my third leg along with me.

® Inger: I'll check to see if I can send you a box, this afternoon. But be warned; the postal people are a bit peculiar on both sides of the 49th parallel. Tis might not happen.

® J Cosmo Newbery: Picture some snow around you place. Then it might be something other than a "smile" muscle that gets pulled.
Happy summer. And condolences.

Rob-bear said...

® Helen: p.s.: Bear is not a great fan of jazz. Either classics or rock and roll.

Irene said...

I don't know if I should congratulate you with the snow or if I should commissorate with you. Both might be appropriate. The photos do look lovely however and in them I do think the snow can be admired. I can't say that I am ready for it myself but I will try to remember to appreciate it when it comes. Enjoy the whiteness and brightness of it. xox

DJan said...

Sending you a BIG bear hug. It's what you deserve, Bear! :-)

Golden Eagle said...

Only one pedestrian and no vehicles? Sounds bleak, though it does look cute, as you said.

(And thanks for mentioning both centimeters and inches--it's frustrating, but the US is still firmly attached to its own customary units.)

ReformingGeek said...

That's very pretty, Bear but you are supposed to be taking a very long nap.

I hope your cave is nice and warm.

Rubye Jack said...

Beautiful photos Rob! Better you than me with that snow and cold. :)

middle child said...

I am jealous that you got all that beautiful winter weather! We will have to wait about a month.
But you have the right idea..stay home and stay warm.

Manzanita said...

Looks like it's time for bears to stretch, yawn, turn over for a long winter's nap

The quiet of falling snow. I yearn for the winters of my childhood.

Peace, my friend.

A Lady's Life said...

It is so pretty Rob . We still have to wait till the end of November to pick up the leaves and that's also when the roof has to be cleaned because it is inundated with leaves.
but the roof is wet this time of year and very dangerous.

Lydia said...

Brrrrr. Your wonderful pictures made the snow very real for me. It's beautiful, Bear!

Frances said...

Bear, do care with the snow. Your photographs give us a preview of the coming season's weather while we in NYC are still finding our way past a hurricane left over from summer.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Pictures of snow are so lovely and peaceful. However, they do not speak to the truth.

Diana said...

I've always LOVED snow days but only if I knew my family was all safe. It's so beautiful and quite. It's always been a good excuse to do nothing or watch movies all day or to work on a project that's been put off. I miss that about living in Chicago. In Southern Illinois, if we get six inches in a year it's surprising! Enjoy the Beauty Bear.
Love Di ♥

kj said...

You remind me I need to prepare. I followed your weather closely when Renee was alive. Now I follow it again with you and I am glad

Your photos are really nice, rob. I love the black and white feel of winter. And what a cozy day for you. More of that, please :-)


Rosaria Williams said...

Yes, it does look pretty and peaceful from the inside. Enjoy the views. Now, I'll patter over your poetry blog.

Suburbia said...

Hi Bear

I don't envy you, I like summer weather best! And I don't like driving in freezing conditions either, in fact may be I should hibernate like bears do!

Janie Junebug said...

That's an early winter. I believe the calendar still claims it's autumn.


Rob-bear said...

® Irene: Congratulations? Condolences? Whatever. It is what it is. Glad you can enjoy the snow from afar.
I enjoy the white and bright,
but not the freezing rain
we're getting tonight.
The streets will be like skating rinks when I try to get going tomorrow.

® DJan: Thank you for the big hug! I do so enjoy them!

® Golden Eagle: Sometimes the motorists are smarter than the pedestrians. Sometimes, but not usually. The first significant snow of the year makes just about everyone here think he or she is a Bear. Great thought, but it doesn't last long.

I usually try to explain things in both languages. The joy of being a bilingual Bear! I'm glad it is helpful.

Rob-bear said...

® Reforming Geek: Glad you like the pictures. I must confess that I am getting sleepy. But I just don't feel ready, yet.

I could send you some snow if you'd like. I'm sure the cats would love it! Evil Twin, particularly. But make sure you put it outside.

® Rubye Jack: Thanks, about the photos. Maybe you would like a box full of snow? On second thought, considering the snow job you've been getting from the politicians, maybe I'll keep mine up here. For a while.

® middle child: Seeing you're jealous, I'll definitely send you a box. Would you prefer white or brown snow?

® manzanita: I would have thought you had already received some snow. Well, whenever, I suppose.

Yes; it's just about nap time. But not quite.

® A Lady's Life: Glad you like the pix. Be careful with the leaves. Dealing with the roof could be rough.

® Lydia: Glad you enjoy the scenery. I'm sure you'll have some white flaky stuff in due course. It's lots of fun; I'm sure even Bonbon likes playing in it.

® Frances: I hope the cooler season doesn't inundate you while you're stilly trying to clean up after Sandy. (Such a tempestuous child!)
As for me, I will try to behave, thought I find behaving to be quite trying.

® starting over, . . .: Glad you like the pictures of soft fluffiness. They may not be your truth, but they
are certainly true up here. (I don't own photoshop. )

® Diana: Yes, everyone safe and settled and enjoying a relaxing day.
Since you get so little, I'll try to send you a truck load the next time this happens.

® kj: Glad you liked the pix. I'll continue to do weather reports, and in both languages. Must confess, I'm getting sleepy. Don't know how much longer I will hang in.

Rob-bear said...

® rosaria williams: Ah, yes. Peace and tranquility. And I'll enjoy the views. Hope you enjoy the poetry.

® Suburbua: I cannot abide heat past about 23°C (74F). But then I'm wearing a fur coat all year round, so maybe I have reason.
And I do recommend hibernation. Much more fun than having to work through a horrid, blustery winter.

® Janie Junebug: Actually, winter usually arrives at this time, as I mentioned.
Calendars are a political plot, to make us think we're feeling better than we are. Grrrrr! I say to that.

Hilary said...

Ahhh .. the S word. I'm not looking forward to it but you sure did make it look pretty. At least as pretty as the S words can look.

Survivormama said...

Wow...wish we got snow here...if we do it is usually only about a sprinkling maybe even an's beautiful but not good to be out in on foot or vehicle...just wanted to let you know about something I am doing especially for November...I am creating a "Count your many blessings" to speak...where bloggers share just what they are thankful for...I will post a week's worth of blessings each Sunday...follow along and or participate...I'd love to have you share! Either way could you pass this movement along with your readers, as you have many! Blessings and hugs my friend!

susan said...

I hope you have your cave well provisioned.

Amanda Summer said...

the combination of ice and bridges and cars still gives me the willies as i was in an accident (no injuries thank goddess) when i was younger. i love your photos and marvel at the view you have from your place. stay warm and safe, bear.

About Last Weekend said...

Hard to believe! Blazing sun here and everyone back in their t-shirts. Love that bridge shot

Rob-bear said...

® HIlary: The S word is our Canadian heritage. I cannot say everyone "loves" it, but I guess we have learned to live with it.

® Better is Possible: Yes, Carol; driving on icy roads sometimes is "Not fun." But today the sun is out, the temperature is about freezing, meaning things are melting. One just never knows what to expect.

® Shannon King: Sorry you are deprived of one of winters most wonderful assets. (Well, some would call it that.)
Thanks for the note about your November project. I will come by.

® susan: We're ok in here. It's only a four block walk (or drive) to the store, so we are doing fine. Certainly better than the post-Sandy residents of some places. How are you doing?

® Amanda: I understand the feeling. Fortunately, I reinstalled my "winter driving tips" program in my brain, so I've been doing quite well. But one needs to be careful nonetheless, as you would expect.
Thanks for your note about enjoying the pictures. But last night, the fog was so heavy, we couldn't see much of anything. But that happens when the weather changes, so we are accustomed to it.

® About Last Weekend: So glad to get your cheery note from "Belize on the Pacific." I hope none of you get sunburned.