Thursday, March 15, 2012


Good morning. This is Edward Sans-serif. And I'm Mary Italic. We are members of Rob-Bear's Editorial Committee.

We have taken over, briefly, the management of Bear's blogs. This is a task which would normally have been handled by Her Ladyship, Miss SadieDuchess of St. Swythun's Punt-on-Thames, Duchess of Cardigan and Wooly Boots, and (by Royal Appointment) Guardian of Offa's Dyke (on the Welsh-English border). But Miss Sadie is no longer here, so we're doing it.

As some of you are aware, Bear has not been well for quite a long time. We are happy to share with you the news that, through his participation in the program of the Health Region's Chronic Pain Centre, Bear has been doing much better. He has recovered his ability to get outside and walk (and not just a block or two). Likewise, he is able to get up and down stairs, and do things around the apartment, much more easily. We, and the other members of Bear's Editorial Committee, celebrate these successes with Bear! Well done, Bear. Exciting time! We trust this will lead to even better things.

However. (Isn't it interesting that, with good news, there is often a "However"!)

As some of you also know, Bear has lived with major depression for years. Decades, actually. It has become a chronic problem. 

One of Bear's major challenges in this regard is the weather. You might be skeptical about that, but it is true. When autumn turns to winter, or winter turns to spring, Bear's whole being gets a bit messed up. (More than a bit, really.) It is related to the depression. This particular challenge is common among those who suffer prolonged depression. We do not fully understand this, but researchers have identified the problem. (It is not Seasonal Affective Disorder — SAD, though it is a sad situation for Bear and others who experience this "unhappiness" with the change of seasons.)

In Bear's case, his whole body hurts, even in places where there is usually no pain. And some places where he usually hurts get much worse. And his thinking gets very "dragged down"; that seems to be the crucial issue.

Though this has been a routine part of Bear's experience in the past, and he understands what is happening, it always catches him off guard when it arrives. Meaning that Bear goes through a couple of very bad weeks, and then Bear gets better. The problem appears without notice, and disappears without notice. Most peculiar to us, but not to Bear. For Bear, this just "is." Though this year, it has been complicated by several other unhappy developments.

We, along with his care team, will closely monitor Bear's condition for the next few weeks. We do not expect anything terribly untoward will happen (as was the case last year). We fully expect Bear, with his "peculiar" (some would say "bizarre") approach to life, will bounce back by the end of this month. In his absence, we'll keep up his correspondence.

As for the "other unhappy developments" which have additionally complicated Bear's life this year, we'll leave those for Bear to explain.

On Bear's behalf, and on behalf of the whole Editorial Committee, we than you for Bearing with Bear during this period of adversity. 


Rosaria Williams said...

Dear Editorial Committee:
Re: Bear

Please remind Bear that his audience is awaiting respectfully for his return. If he has enough energy to convene an Editorial Committee, he's not as bad as he thinks he is. But then, I do not know much about those Canadian winters. It's bad enough here in the Northwest that storms take a whole lot of my attention, and frighten my new cat who is not used to winds howling and things bumping in the night.

Do relay our appreciation and admiration for his work and bon vivant attitude even now.


Sixtyfive Plus

Gossip_Grl said...

Hoping you feel better soon... : )

The Broad said...

Lots of virtual Bear hugs and best wishes for a quick recovery.

cheshire wife said...

Oh dear Bear! What a roller coaster ride you are having at the moment. Hope the ride soon comes to an end.

Golden Eagle said...

To the Editorial Committee,

I hope Bear feels better soon!

Rob-bear said...

® rosaria: Dear Ms. Sixtyfive Plus:

Thank you so much for your note.

One small clarification. The Editorial Committee took it's action in Bear's absence, because of Bear's absence. Speaking honestly, dear Bear has been absent-minded recently (which is to say he's been out of his mind). Though his mind, which is a touch troubled, has not been absent from him. Indeed, a chemical imbalance in his head has been anything but absent; its presence has been afflicting Bear's body (as described).

We are trusting that imbalance will be absent from him presently. The absence of his present affliction will bring joy to many, as such absence will herald his presence.

We will share your best wishes with Bear when he is present, and in his Bear mind.

And may you and cat soon be delivered from things that go bump in the Northwest night. May you then experience the absence of the ghoulies, and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties that cause those nocturnal sounds to be present.

Thank you, again.

Mary Italic, for Bear and his EC.

® Gossip_Grl and The Broad: Thank you also for your kindnesses. Bear is deeply toughed by the thoughts of others, and I know he appreciates the well-wishes.

Mary Italic, for Bear and his EC.

® cheshire wife: Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Yes, sadly, Bear has his ups and downs. We predict those will end by the time the month of March ends. We hope he is not afflicted with Generalized Grumpiness after that.

Mary Italic, for Bear and Bear's EC

Rob-bear said...

® The Golden Eagle: Your kindness is also appreciated. Bear would love to be soaring with Eagles at this time of year. Much better than being crushed into the valley of despair.

Thank you.

Mary Italic, for Bear and his EC.

potsoc said...

To have such an editorial committee should make things almost bearable for Bear. When one bares his or her feelings having a warm presence around bears notice.
Since we are at the Ides of March, I figure Bear's well being is not far off.
In the mean time, as Bear seems to be doing, just grin and bear it.

Chatty Crone said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you Bear. sandie

ReformingGeek said...

I will send Arial to help Bear with household chores and to guide Bear through a uplifting meditation.

Take care of Bear!

Frances said...

Bear has got a fine Editorial Committee. Please do let him know that this reader thinks that true spring is not far away, and that has got to be a good thing.

Jean said...

Lulu and I are sorry that Bear is not feeling good at the moment and wish him to know that we understand and will be thinking of him often.
We will be here when he's feeling better which we hope will be very soon. You can't rush things like this, even if you want to.

Furtheron said...

Offa's Dyke - I know it well having walked a few bits of it... hope Bear is soon back in complete control and creative mode

Inger said...

I hope the Bear feels better soon. Maybe with the arrival of spring. Walking and getting up and around is very important. I will try this myself later today or tomorrow. Sending Bear hugs.

The Blog Fodder said...

We care, Bear.

About Last Weekend said...

Great to hear from him and hope he's doing better! I have to say I could not stand to live in cold and ice and snow and overcast, that would make me feel very down indeed!

Manzanita said...

Hey Editorial Committee,
How lucky can one bear get, to have a committee with humor (do you do the humour?) I got quite the chuckles in the first paragraph. Give the Bear some of your humor and he'll be up and back in short order.
Give my regards to the Bear and I'll be standing with the rest of his audience awaiting his return.

Frank's Corner said...

I can so relate to this. I always struggle with the transition of leaving the light and then returning to the light...I have even wondered if it is some sort of allergy.


Well darlin, this is another fine mess you've gotten yourself into.

Do you remember one of the reasons we bailed out of my beloved Indiana and moved south? SAD!! YES!! 2010 was listed as THE darkest winter up there. GLoomy!

One more thing: My antidepressant wasn't working and hasn't for years. I went to the doctor SO TIRED I couldn't hold my head up.

She gave me a prescription for NASCOBAL. It's a vitamin B12 nasal spray. I laughed. It made me mad. Then I used it.

After the FIRST DAY of using it, I woke up with something feeling very odd. I couldn't identify it. A few days later I realized it was the wee beginnings of ENERGY.

Hadn't had it for so many years I didn't recognize it.

Then, the energy (after a month of weekly sprays) turned into less depression.

I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. Maybe you could ask your doctor???? PLEASE?

Lins' lleisio said...

I empathise, my glass is always half empty and I often feel overwhelmed by life. I am my own worst enemy. I of course do not have to deal with the trials and tribulations and pain that you do. Keep strong in spirit. My heart goes out to you and I send you many, many cyber bear hugs.

Rob-bear said...

@ Jean: Thank you so much for your kind wishes, and those of Lulu. (We think Bear is particularly fond of Lulu, and will be glad for those greetings.) While Bear tends to dismiss these challenges as simply a "nuisance," we know there is much more to them than that.

We are sure that Bear will be in touch as soon as able.

Edward Sans-serif, for Bear and his EC.

@ Furtheon: Thank you for the cheery note. Her Ladyship, Miss Sadie, was quite touched. by the honour, what with being a colonial, and all. Were she here, we suspect she would have wanted a report from you on this matter.

Edward Sans-serif, for Bear and his EC.

Rob-bear said...

Please Bear with us, people. The Editorial Committee is experiencing technical difficulties with this blog. Trying to keep up Bear's correspondence from an iPad has been difficult. We anticipate Bear will explain for us.

® Inger: We are so glad to hear that you are up and about. (Bear has been very concerned about your health.) Perhaps when he is back, you and Bear can be "walking buddies," in order to encourage each other in your respective recoveries.

Mary Italic, for Bear and his EC.

® Blog Fodder: We are well aware of your care, and appreciate it so much.

Mary Italic, for Bear and his EC.

® About Last Weekend: Thanks for the cheery note. We, with Bear, understand that those with sunnier personalities might be atmospherically challenged were you in a more-northerly climate. We, on the other hand, would find anything different to be un-natural.

Mary Italic, for Bear and his EC.

Rob-bear said...

® Manzanita: Thank you for humouring us with your comments.

We had a brief conversation with Bear this afternoon. He seems to be recovering his humeur and humour.

We think he may be back sooner than later. While all concerned have been expecting Bear to be gone for a couple of weeks, we were very surprised by Bear's recovery this year. He misses all of you very much; that, in itself, may be pushing Bear to get back to blogging. This is all so very strange, indeed.

Edward Sans-serif, for Bear and his EC.

Rob-bear said...

® Frank's Corner: Welcome, and thanks for joining us. (Seems this is your first visit here, making your appearance even more welcome.)

We will refer your symptoms to Bear when he returns. His situation seems so similar to yours.

Thanks, again, for visiting.

Mary Italic, for Bear and his Editorial Committee.

® Beau's Mom: Thanks for your note; Bear will surely appreciate it.

We particularly appreciate the word about Nascobal. Sadly, Bear was into his specialist just a few days ago, and won't be going again for a month. But we've made a note for him about this. Thanks for sharing this wisdom.

Edward Sans-serif, for Bear and the EC.

® Lins' lleisio: Shw mae, Lindsay. (That's the little bit of Welsh Bear insisted we learn; we think it is a friendly greeting of sorts.)

Thank you so much for the cyber hugs. Bear is particularly fond of those. Sorry about the half-empty approach. As Bear always says something about "always having half a glass," so we're not quite sure how he approaches the subject. But if yours is half empty, we're sure Bear will want to fill it up with mead on is return. What else would a self-respecting Welsh person drink?

Edward Sans-serif, for Bear and his EC.

Lydia said...

I am perplexed and puzzled, Bear, to drop by and realize that my comment to this post never made it. I bet I screwed up, and wanted you to know that I read this post with concern and much interest in the Editorial Committee (who I thank for passing this along to Bear with my best wishes and a hug).

Rob-bear said...

@ Lydia: Somehow, I doubt the fault is yours. Technology, being as imprecise as it often is, can really mess things up, without your trying. Indeed, this iPad is very frustrating, since it often fails to function appropriately.

I'll pass your best wishes on to the Editorial Committee. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Survivormama said...

Bear, know u are loved and thought of fondly...thanks for your encouragement...another bear once said..." “If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together.. there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. but the most important thing is, even if we're apart.. i'll always be with you.” ~~Winnie the Pooh...basically I am saying u r stronger than u think...sorry for all the text lingo