Saturday, March 10, 2012


It finally happened. Bears computer just won't work. The screen refuses to show anything. @*#&$&^$%#@@

Bear is . . . frustrated by that. Bear is using J's computer right now, but that isn't such a good plan in the long term. 

HOWEVER, next week Apple comes out with a new iPad. (I think it is iPad 4).

You know what Bear is going to do? Of course you do. Because Bear has the brightest readers in the blogsphere, you know exactly what I'm going to do. 

§        §        §

We saw the "Northern Lights" last night. (For those inclined to propriety, that's the Aurora Borealis.) Not as wonderful as usual (because of all the light pollution in the city). But still lovely.

The day before, there was a huge solar flare, which sent surges of solar wind through the Van Allen Belts (or Van Allen Radiation Belts, to be formal).

I remember the winter of 1972. Driving home in the dark from a trip way out in the country. That's when we lived way north of River City. The Northern Lights were out, and they light up the whole sky. It was AWESOME!

Hope you have an awesome weekend, too. Bear will return, as did General McArthur to the Philippines. Just a matter of when.


cheshire wife said...

Looking forward to hearing from Bear from his new (i)Pad.

The Blog Fodder said...

You can buy a pretty decent laptop or tower for $750 and load your old software.
And the benefits of an iPad are? I am thinking of getting one for Tanya.

Rubye Jack said...

My computer is in its last days also as it crashes on a regular basis. I would love an ipod but think they cost too much for what they cost. I'm thinking of an ipod clone when it comes that time. I've always been a clone kind of girl I guess.

Kristy said...

Sorry about your computer . Mine went bust a couple of weeks ago. Got cheapy laptop for 300.00 @ walmart.

susan said...

Losing a computer is one of life's trickier experiences. Good luck with the i-pad.

No Auroras seen around here unfortunately but I do recall seeing them in 1972 in Montreal. They're not usually seen that far south so it must have been something special going on then too.

Frances said...

I envy you the opportunity to see those spectacular Northern Lights.

I don't envy you the computer demise, but look forward to hearing about how you get on with the latest from Apple.

It seems that you have had a rather sporadic hibernation 2011-12? Great for your readers, but I hope it's also been a pretty good winter for the Bear.


Chatty Crone said...

It is not IPAD 4 - it is the NEW IPad - haha - I have heard that more then once.

Andy I wish I could see the northern lights sometimes.


The Broad said...

Nothing undermines my equilibrium more these days than a problem with my computer. Sometime last autumn my hard drive went caput -- I still could use my husband's but it was not enough -- I think I was bereft for 10 days. So, commiserations and I hope the result is a new toy to play with!

potsoc said...

Computers will do that and it seems to happen just as you need them. Printers are alike and never fail to do so at the most awkward of times.
However, I'm not yet converted to tablets.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

See you when you get back with your new computer :)

Rob-bear said...

® cheshire wife: the iPad is a while away. I couldn't stay away that long from all my delightful friends who write such fascinating things. So, on a borrowed laptop, I have returned.

® The Blog Fodder: A new Apple laptop for $750. Not around here. I'll tell you about the iPad when I get it home and start using it.

® Rubye Jack: Sorry to hear of your ongoing challenges with your computer. If it weren't for J having one, I'd be stuck, too.

Rob-bear said...

® Kristy: Glad you're reconnected. I didn't know they had Walmart in the northern (OK, maybe central) part of the province. Horrors never cease.

® susan: There are ways of making things work. Witness bear's presence. Can't recall much around 1972, but it was a good year.

® Frances: Northern Lights are awesome, but way too much light pollution in the city. We should have gone for a drive into the country.

I'll say more about the new technology.

And, no, I didn't get to hibernate at all this winter. So I may keep falling asleep while I'm trying to compute for the rest of the year.

Rob-bear said...

® Chatty Crone: Please remember that I am a Bear. And I pad around on my four paws in order to travel. So, when I'm out walking, iPad 4.

Sorry you miss the northern lights. They are awesome!

Rob-bear said...

® The Broad: Dysfunctional computers are no fun, even though there is "fun" in the word dys-fun-ctional. I use e-mail a lot, and sometimes it is important stuff.

I'll give you a tech report on the new toy when it gets here.

® potsoc: I so understand what you're saying. Like Murphy's law.

Rob-bear said...

® KarenG: I'm using improvised technology, so I don't miss any of the A-Z Challenge.

Good luck with the new "experiences" at work.

Furtheron said...

I've heard the lights are superb at the moment - sadly we're too far south to see them where I am... I need to move up to Northern Scotland... bit of a crap commute to London from there though ;-)

Amanda Summer said...

i envy your sighting of the northern lights. i have seen them many years ago, one winter in was complete and utter magic. to think we have that solar flare to thank for it!

Suburbia said...

Hope you get an iPad soon :-)

I hope to see the nod than lights one day


Rob-bear said...

® Amanda: if you want to see the northern lights, maybe you should move to canada. we're actually very friendly up here; we'll let you go digging in greece, and then come back.

® suburbia: The Lights often come at night; some people nod off before they see the spectacle.

About Last Weekend said...

How funny that you mentioned 1972 - my friend just posted a photo on facebook of all of my ten year old friends at a birthday party. Would love to see the the Northern Lights, have to figure out a way to do that?
Some people say the i-pad is really tricky to type on, if you are doing a lot of typing. Maybe that has changed. What about just a very light laptop?

Rosaria Williams said...

I'm tempted to get a tablet too, something that travels easily and can act as a camera as well. I'll wait until you have tested the new product and recommended it.

Rob-bear said...

® About Last Weekend: 1972 was a good year; that was when our son was born.
I keep thinking about the iPad; maybe I should get another Mac laptop.

Lins' lleisio said...

iPad 3 hun (well it's the third one out)... iPad can be fiddly for lots of typing (though you can attach a keyboard). Good luck with it all though.. new challenges are good for the soul.

Rob-bear said...

® Lins' lleisio: Thank you so much for your kind note, Lindsay. Bear is unable to reply immediately, given his current affliction. (That is spelled out through the latest post on his "Chrome" blog.)

While we, on his Editorial Committee, realize it is iPad 3, Bear will continue to Pad 4 (pad on all fours) as he walks around.

Bear does have an external keyboard, which he will likely put to use with the new iPad.

Mary Italic, for Bear and his EC.

Lydia said...

The Northern Lights! Having never seen them it is one of my dreams. I have looked at photos on my computer, though, and if I had an iPad like Bear's I would look at them there!

Rob-bear said...

@ Lydia: If you want to see the Northern Lights, I suggest you move north. To Canada, for example. I cannot guarantee you will see them on any given night, but your overall chances are better up here than further south.

Besides, we're always looking for good people to move to our country.