Sunday, August 14, 2011


About two weeks ago, I went shopping. Nothing unusual about that.

Except that about the end of the searching out of food, I had this strange pain in my knee. Something new.

And then my hip started bothering me. Hmmmm.

I paid for my food. And limped home.

The situation did not improve, so a few days later, I saw my vet (I mean doctor). Who prescribed some pills, to cut down the inflammation and reduce the pain. Which is reasonable.

Last night, I went shopping again. (One needs some food in the house, er, um, den, if one is going to prepare meals.)

By time I was finished in the store, my hip was feeling extremely tender. (Bear was in agony.)

I made it to the car, and thence home.

Today, after walking around the apartment a few times, and making breakfast, I can Bearly move.

It's better than getting hit by a train. But Bear is "not amused."


Jackie said...

Bear....whatever do you think could be wrong? I am so very sorry that you are agonizing with this pain. Hopefully, if the pain isn't gone by Monday, you will go back to the doctor and have him examine our Bear again and see if he can't find out what's causing the pain. Bear hugs to you.....hoping that you feel better soon!!!!!

Jean said...

One of the sad things about getting older is that new pain that springs from nowhere, for no apparent reason. Sometimes I lie in bed at night and try to count the bits of me that don't hurt, because they're easier to count than the bits that do hurt, because there are more of those.

Sometimes a good rest is all it needs to sort it out - I hope this is the case for your hip and knee.

Rubye Jack said...

Dang Bear! Maybe it's arthritis? I'm sorry to hear you're in pain and that it's making it difficult for you to get around. That's what I hated most about my knee thing, more than the pain -- the not being able to get around. I hope it gets better quickly!

Karen Jones Gowen said...

I will be interested to know what's going on. My husband has fits with his knees on a regular basis, but he's going with the philosophy to not have an operation as long as he can stand it. And some days are better than others. Hoping for the best with you!

Elisabeth said...

Let's hope it passes, but i fear these things only get worse as we age. I find I'm suffering more aches and pains than i used to these days. Old bones and joints do not move as smoothly. They say mild exercise helps, if you can BEAR it.

ReformingGeek said...

Ahs, poor Bear. Getting older is for the birds.

Kristy said...

I hope you can get your pain under control. Pain is so miserable. Not being able to do what you usually really stinks.

Natalie said...

Sorry to hear that Bear! I'd be going for another look see, if I was a sore bear. I will send you some distance healing.xx

Helen said...

I have felt that pain ... now I have two replaced hips ... no more pain. Now, about that right shoulder and left knee ........ hope you are feeling ship shape soon, Bear.

Frances said...

Maybe you had better share this shopping/pain connection with your vet/doctor. I think you know I am teasing you a bit, but do always think it's good to report any sort of new stuff. Even if it only results in someone making a note or two in a file.

Hoping that you will be feeling better soon. xo

Just Two Chicks said...

It sounds like they need to do some scans on your hip and knee. I really hope your pain goes away or that you at least get a better pain management medication. :(

Rob-bear said...

Thanks, friends, for all the words of support. I really apprecaite them!

® Teachers Pet: Ah yes, back to the doctor, and let her have another go at me. In a few days.

® Jean: Getting older? Good grief, m'dear, I'm only 65! That's still young. (One is young until one is 80; then one becomes venerable.) And yes, I'm getting lots of rest.

® Linda: Not sure about Arthur Itis. Maybe; maybe someone else. I've simply said, "Damn the torpedoes!" I refuse to be held down! Even if it hurts.

® Karen: If I learn anything, I'll pass it on.

® Elizabeth: I'm Bearing up reasonably well. Thinking of ways to do light exercise. And make light of the situation.

® Reforming Geek: I'm not old. My drivers licence tells me so. Likewise, my birth certificate.

® Kristy: Indeed, pain is no fun. And it usually can be treated effectively. Though one sometimes needs to be persistent with one's physician.

Rob-bear said...

Again, thanks for all the encouragement. Fortunately, I have not lost my sense of humour — such as it is.

® Natalie: Thanks for the long-distance healing. And I will be going back in a few days, it this does not let up.

® Helen: Sorry, I don't deal in spare parts. But for you, I'll check with an orthopedic friend, if I can catch him. Hope you're having a grand summer.

® Frances: I appreciate the tip. Except that she may agree with me that shopping is a pain.

® Just Two Chicks: Better pain management would be good. Better meds from the doc; better planning and discipline on my part.
I'm a firm believer that those who are having health troubles can do a lot to help themselves, though that still leaves a lot to be done by others. So I need to be a bit smarter in what I'm doing.


BEAR: I don't know if they sell in it Canada, but Joe bought me SALONPAS for my joints. I had NO faith they would help and was amazed when they did. It's adhesive pads infused with Ibuprofen.

You're supposed to wear one at a time. I had five on.

But it DID work!

Rob-bear said...

® Beau's Mom: Glad something works for you. The meds I'm taking (I've changed from what the vet prescribed — BAD BEAR!) are helpful, as long as I'm not too active. I'm learning to sit down and put my feet up.
Hey; isn't that what one is supposed to do in retirement?

Golden Eagle said...

I'm sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I hope you feel better soon!

Snowbrush said...

What the hell is going on? Osteoarthritis wouldn't hit you out of the blue like a bowling ball, so there must be more to your pain than that.

Rob-bear said...

® Golden Eagle: Thanks. I really appreciate the support and concern.

® Snowbrush: Honestly, I think it is something neurological. It doesn't hurt all the time. And I can do a fair amount of walking before I start having pain problems. But then the pain flashes in and, even when I'm sitting, it hurts big time.
A real pain in the (close to) posterior.

cheshire wife said...

I hope that the doc can sort you out. It sounds as if it could be nerve pain.

Maggie Christie said...

Poor Bear. I hope whatever it is goes away soon and takes the agony with it. It sounds very similar to the thing currently afflicting my pony. In which case a couple of days rest on a nice comfy bed seems to be doing the trick. He gets everyone else to bring him food and drink. I think Bears should try to do the same perhaps.

Snowbrush said...

So, have you considered a nerve conduction study? Do you know of a drug called Neurontin that's a real boon for many people's nerve-related pain.

Jackie said...

I'm checking in on you, Bear.
Are you in your den resting?
Have you been back to the Vet?
Are you feeling better?
Smiles from J.

Tattieweasle said...

Yes Bear have you been back to the vet? If they are anything like the vets here you have to shout a lot for them to see you and beleive that you really are in pain! Hope that you have seen Daktari and that you are out of pain now . I don't like hearing of Bears in Pain...

Lydia said...

Oh, no, Bear! I saw you have a follow-up to this and I am lumbering over there right now to hopefully find good news.

Hilary said...

Poor you.. I hope you figure out the root of the pain and are able to rid yourself of discomfort soon.

Rob-bear said...

First, let me say that Bear is up and around, and doing much better. It was probably some kind of pinched nerve. But after two weeks rest and some analgesic/anti-inflammatory meds, I'm well-heeled.
Uh, let's make that well-healed. Up and at it; stuff like that.
Thank you for your kind expressions of concern.

® cheshire wife: I think you're spot on.

® Preseli Mags: Sorry about Bullseye's laminitis. Hope that's better. As for Bear being a layabout, isn't going to happen. Bear is just too ornery for that.

® Snowbrush: We'll hold those plans in reserve. Thanks for the heads up.

® Teacher's Pet and Tattie Weasle: Bear has not been back to the vet because Bear is too healthy for a return visit. Thanks.

® Lydia: Follow-up is the beginning of the good news. Today's is even better.

® Hillary: Not quite good as new, but getting close. Went out for almost an hour and a half shooting pix of our bridge. Things must be better.

Chatty Crone said...

Did the vet er I mean the doc take x-rays? Hope you feel better! sandie