Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I've never worn a kilt.

I've never had a reason to wear a kilt. Actually, I'm not even Scottish. Though I have married into the Clan Buchanan. I've never heard if they would accept a Bear into the clan. As a mascot, perhaps?

Though, if I did get a kilt, I would have to choose from several.

The Ancient Buchanan would be a good starting point.

There are several other Buchanan tartans; this is the one I like best.

Or I could go, not to a Clan tartan, but an occupational tartan.

This is the tartan for the Clergy (I already have a tie in this tartan).

But, really, I have no use for a kilt, so all of this will remain a dream.

(Besides, if I got one, the moths would probably finish it off, promptly.)

However, if you really want a picture of a Bear in a kilt, I could provide that, as long as you provide the kilt.


Also brought to you by the letter K:
• kill
• king
• Khartoum
• khapra beetle
• kyrie eleison

And from the new phonetic alphabet, K for John.

If you're having trouble understanding this alphabet, I'll explain it in the next post. It's quite different from the phonetic alphabet used by NATO forces: A for Alpha, B for Bravo, etc. )


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Bonjour, Bear... A bear in a kilt would be an interesting sight! I like the same one as you with the bright colors.

So glad to see you posting and visiting again... you have been missed, mon ami!


Helen said...

Oh my! This post is begging for a 'clan of the cave bear' remark!!!

Rob-bear said...

® Genie: Thanks! Sorry to have been away. Not entirely back, but getting there. Checking your blog as often as I can.

® Helen: Oh yes. Please give us such a remark! I can hardly Bear the suspense, waiting for your wisdom.

Frances said...

Karma is another good K, as is knitting.

Bear, I have no kilt to supply, but should anyone ever make one available to you...please do have the camera ready.

Kneading is another good K word...it can yield bread.


potsoc said...

J for oranges, K for John, that International Alphabet thing Bears clarification.

Posie said...

Oh Rob bear, I adore kilts and on the island here they are worn regularly for ceilidhs and dances. The happy farmer wears the Macleod of Harris tartan...and now my son wears a kilt too, so I would love to see a bear in a kilt and the culture transported to bear land!!

Nancy said...

I have always loved the kilt. Of course the Gabaldon series helped with that. If you have not read Diana Gabaldon - check out her Outlander series.

The Blog Fodder said...

The Kilt (and the bagpipes)invented by the Irish and sent to the Scots as a joke. Which they have not yet got.

Rob-bear said...

® Frances: Good "K" words, all of them. Along with kiln.
And if a kilt presents itself, you'll get a picture. Absolutely.

® potsoc: The explanation of the new Phonetic alphabet will come in the next post. Vraiment.

® Posie: I adore kilts, too. Just don't have the money for one right now.
Perhaps Bear Island should have its own tartan.

® Nancy: I've never heard of Diana Gabaldon. I must check out that Outlander. Thanks for the tip.

® BF: The Irish know very well that the Scots are simply transplanted Irish. The Scots, not so clear on that understanding.
That's why, during "The Troubles," when British troops patrolled Northern Ireland, the Irish were most displeased with the presence of Scotish units. The Irish considered those Scots to be traitors to their heritage.

Anonymous said...

My daughter had a Royal Scottish wedding ceremony and - besides a military/fire/police wedding, this was the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen, what with the family tartans, clock-socks and swords.

Ah yes. More proof that a man in uniform - even if it's a kilt - is more ceremoniously gorgeous than a hundred beautiful women.

Rob-bear said...

® dana: I've never had the privilege of going to a formal Scottish wedding. I'll bet they're fun! The Scotch would probably help with that, after the service.