Monday, May 30, 2011


Bear is "just" back to blogging, now that his computer is fixed. (The computer had an unexpected encounter with the floor of the new den; it was a shattering experience for the screen. A few days and a few hundred dollars later, Bear and computer were happily re-united. Happily, at least, from Bear's perspective.)

By then, it was time to finish the organization of the new den. So many nuts, fish, honey pots, and papers; so little space. Sigh. Need some "creative shelving." Don't expect details; the situation is. . . .

However, Bear is bound and determined to complete the A- Z Challenge, but on his own time.

"How typical of Bear," someone said.

"Well, I suppose," replied Bear, to the anonymous comment.

Just what you might expect.

That's a strange word, "just."

It can mean:
• morally correct, or fair
• exactly
• recently
• barely
• simply

So, in the end, Bear was "recently" reunited with his computer. Just.

The one challenge is that I will probably be INTERRUPTED again. Unfortunately. The den is still not entirely in order.


Also brought to you by the letter J:
• join
• juvenile
• jam
• juridical
• juxtaposition

And from the new phonetic alphabet: J for oranges.


The Blog Fodder said...

Missed you. Knew you were busy so didn't worry. And you did show up on my blog once in a while.
If we adopted a phonetic alphabet, it would have from 60 to 80 letters or letters with squiggles.
Cyrillic which is a phonetic alphabet in a way, has only 30 odd so no wonder they have such long words.

Lydia said...

What a delight this whole post was to read!
(But, Bear, J for oranges?!)

Anonymous said...

I did a word search for JUST in my original MS and deleted over 100 usages. It just read better.

Frances said...

Hello Bear.

It's good to see you blogging again. I wondered where you'd been. (Of course, it's been quite a while since I've posted anything new, so perhaps you will inspire me.)

Best wishes to you, your computer, and any shelves that might soon enter the den.


Rob-bear said...

® Well, BF, I'm still "not out of the woods," so to speak. But I am making progress. I'll have more on the new phonetic alphabet.

® Lydia: Glad you thought such a mundane post was "a delight."
And, yes; J for oranges. If more people have problems, I guess I'll explain that in my next post.

® Stephen: Seems to me you did just the right thing.
Welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting and leaving a note.

® Frances: Thanks so much for dropping by, and leaving your cheery note.
The shelves are in the den already. Confining the important things to the available shelf space is the challenge.

About Last Weekend said...

Yes we all missed you. Good to see you blogging again. The hardest part of moving is what you are doing now, greeting the boxes of stuff which have to somehow be put away. I feel for you. Hope you're feeling a little more settled in. Love the word juxtoposition (sp) use that quite often, but obviously I forget each time how to spell it, must think of some similes...

Rosaria Williams said...

Wow, Bear, when you take a challenge you don't let go! We missed you, and are glad you're back.

Tess Kincaid said...

I love the word juxtaposition.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

That photograph is "joyfully" unique! It really made me chuckle.

I'm sorry, Bear, that you've had such an ordeal. I hope all is back in order soon. Computer woes are the pits. The world has become so connected through them that it's "jarring" when they don't function properly. Glad you are "jumping" in again! Sorry, I'm out of "juice" or "j's" as the case may be.



Rob-bear said...

® ALW: Nice to know I was missed. Thanks for saying so.
"Greeting the boxes"; what an interesting way of describing the situation. We'll turn from unsettled to settled in due course.

® Rosaria: Thanks for letting me know you missed me. And yes, I can be a Bear for punishment. (Hmmmm; was that a pun?)

® Tess: Another juxtapose-liking correspondent. Glad you enjoyed the addition.

® Magpie: Thanks for you "jayed-up" comments. Better than jaded thoughts.

Golden Eagle said...

Glad to hear your computer got fixed--and that you're back!

Rob-bear said...

® Eagle: A Bear without a computer is like a Walrus without ice, or without a carpenter. Yes, good to be back. Thanks.