Monday, September 6, 2010


. . . always get my down. So sang the Carpenters. Distinctly, we remember. Nevermore.

Today is Monday, and it is a holiday (Labour Day). Rain stated in the night, and will continue until late tonight or tomorrow morning.  What a waste of a holiday!

This post appeared by special permission of The Editorial Committee. Bear's privileges are being curtailed again, though his tail is getting a bit sore from so much sitting on it. Please continue to Bear with him, and us.

~ Editorial Committee


Tess Kincaid said...

Too bad about the rain. I wouldn't mind a bit out here. It is so incredibly dry. Hope you're enjoying your holiday, anyway!

Rob-bear said...

We're the other, Willow. I'll see if I can get someone to ship some water your way.

We've had record rainfall this summer, by a large margin. Millions of acres of "breadbasket" farmland still under water, or trying to dry out. Huge economic losses.

I went out a did some tree trimming when the rain faded to a light drizzle. Now it's stronger, so Sadie (Her Ladyship, my poodle) and I quit for the afternoon.

Hope you're having a good Labor Day.

cheshire wife said...

If it is any consulation to you it is also raining here in the UK.

potsoc said...

Forecast calls for rain and clouds for the week in Longueuil. Day started sunny but ended wet.

Rob-bear said...

® CW & Potsoc: You are both experiencing "liquid sunshine." Hope it was a refreshing change, and not "more of the same," as it has been for us.

The Blog Fodder said...

Google Ag Canada's (formerly PFRA's) Drought Watch and you get pretty good maps of prairie rainfall. All I can say is I feel so bad for the farmers whose land is flooded

RNSANE said...

It's not the rainy time of year in the San Francisco area but, at least, our temperatures have, for the most part, stayed in the usual very pleasant range, with cool night prevailing. I love it and the fog has never bothered me.

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Lee said...

I'd sack the committee and get a new one.

Unknown said...

Like Willow, we could use some rain here too but the right amount, you know, not a deluge.

French Fancy... said...

Never mind the rain - just stay indoors in the online community.

Rob-bear said...

® BF: I understand quite a few farmers have actually developed webbed feet this year.

® Carmen: Thanks for dropping by and leaving a note. Gutsy of you to get poems published.

® Lee: The thought had crossed my mind, but, truth be told, it's a good committee. It protects me from me. (Somebody's got to do it!)

® Jane: I'd ship some down to you if I could. We're working on some cloud hauling experiments, but we're having trouble holding things together. So the future of the project is a bit cloudy.

® FF in Kent: Splendid idea. In fact, I think I've got something on that somewhere in my head. Pls. stay tuned. Perhaps Her Ladyship, Miss Sadie, can help with that. Hmmmm.