Sunday, April 25, 2010


We awoke this morning to a glorious spring day.

Thought I suppose "glorious," like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Admittedly, Sadie was a little perplexed, but  I didn't try to explain; she's much less concerned about weather than I am.
Anyhow, had breakfast, got dressed, cleaned the show off the wagon, and went to worship at St. George's Anglican Church — all of six blocks from our house. (I'd have walked if there was less snow.) My friend, Fr. S, recently became Associate Priest there, which I just learned a few days ago. So I went to early Communion. And I'm glad I did.
Well, then, what to do with the rest of the day, when it's not the right weather for working outside. 
I did something I haven't done for 20+ years. I got out my art supplies and put some paint on paper.

This isn't art. Art is what artists (or "artistes") do. Putting colour on paper is what Bears do. J was already painting when I got home from worship, so I decided to join her, and we had a grand morning. 
After lunch I had a snooze, and when I woke up, I put the roast, potatoes, and yams on the roasting pan (then in the oven) for supper. I went upstairs and found K, our granddaughter, had joined us for the afternoon. So she played at a whole range of things, and I played a bit more with paint. Then I got my banjo out (something else I haven't done for a while) and we sat in a circle and sang. (We got out some rhythm instruments so we could all sing and play.)

(Just to make sure you understand, I am not the re-incarnation of George Formby or "Banjo" Patterson.)
After supper, K went home. J and I focused on some DIY projects — and by then it was bed time. So I quick finished this off — and now it's yours. 
(BTW, by mid afternoon the snow melted, then it started snowing again. That's when I decided to take Sadie for a walk — bad planning. After that, the snow turned to rain, about the time Sadie and I went for our evening walk. Yes, more bad planing.)
It was a very different day, but a very enjoyable one. I think I'm going to try this more often. I think J is, too.


The Blog Fodder said...

You are a five string banjo player? Claw-hammer picking (Bluegrass)? or?
That is wonderful.
Tanya bought me a guitar for Christmas and I am slowly slowly relearning a few chords.

Jean said...

Good grief, you're still getting snow. Now I won't feel quite so miffed about the fact that all our tulips are late.

Westerwitch/Headmistress said...

That was a good day - love those sort of days. Especially when you get to do creative things because you can and for fun . . . loved the picture.

Natalie said...

What a clever bear you are. :)

French Fancy... said...

This sounds like one of those perfect days, Rob. Food, family, dog walks, messing about creating things (pictures and music).

I've never eaten a yam. What do they taste like?

Sniffles and Smiles said...

More SNOW???!!! That's just not've had your share!! But I like what Bears do with it...they make the most of EVERY day! And other than the weather, I think you turned the day into perfection! I'm so impressed, btw. You play the banjo! What a delightful instrument! Love it...such happy music...I think I'm going to thumb through my Dad's record collection and find some...yes, I still have a turn-table...and I didn't buy it at a specialty store...I am just that far behind the time...LOL. Glad you had a wonderful day! I thoroughly LOVED hearing about it! Hugs, Janine

Rob-bear said...

®Blog Fodder: Claw-hammer or frailing — depends on the tune.

®Jean: Neighbours tulips were up — but that was before the snow. Haven't checked today.

®WW: Yes; I think I should have more days like that. Like today — took pictures instead of panting — but mine are nothing like yours!

®Thanks Natalie: Not sure how clever, but I'll keep trying (until I'm very trying?).

®FF: Yes, Julie, a wonderful day, doing so many different things. Yams taste very much like sweet potatoes; lots of people mistake the one for the other, though the two are distinctly different (biologically).

®S&S: It was a grand day, Janine. It's been sooooo long since I've had an artist's brush in my hand. And snow, well, we get it, but I've long since put away the shovels; it will melt faster than I can shovel it. And you're not that "far behind the time." You're one who "respects and cherishes ancient wisdom and art." Yes, that's the ticket! I've been away from blogging for a bit; I'll drop by your place soon.