Thursday, August 13, 2009


I know it is summer, but what better time to stay healthy and shapely? So the Bear has developed a new fitness program. Here's the first lesson.

1. Cradle a 10 pound dog in your left arm (between elbow and hand).

2. Cradle a 10 pound dog in your right arm (between elbow and hand).

3. Walk up and down a flight of stairs (say a dozen stairs) multiple times a day.

Excellent cardio workout; ideal for flattening the tummy.

Recommended by the dynamic duo of Nuala and Sadie.

Lesson two next week (if you've done lesson one, and survived).


Reasons said...

Oh dear I only have one large dog, shall I slice him in two?

Rob-bear said...

® Not a problem, Joanne. Adapt the process to your particular needs. Either carry Charlie in both arms, or drape him over your neck and around your shoulders. Do you think that might work?

Gutsy Living said...

I can see you getting more resistance training as Nuala and Sadie gain weight. What will you do when they don't weigh the same? One arm will be getting stronger than the other. Off-balance, and a bear needs his balance.

Natalie said...

I am hearing you, Rob. A three year old and a 15 month old in each arm, each day, up and down the stairs, is great for arms....but a blog and a cuppa and bickie is not so good for other bits :(

Rob-bear said...

Bear? Off-balance? I think not (at least not today).

The trick is to switch arms. One set of exercises with baby Bears in arms; next set with babies in opposite arms.

Makes sense?? (Thought so.)

Renee said...

I needed some lightness in my spirit today. Thanks Rob.

Love Renee xoxo

RachelW said...

Whatever you do, don't trip!!

French Fancy... said...

Rob my bloggy friend - I am so out of your loop and for that I apologise. In fact I am going to now clamp you to my ever-growing sidebar so I can keep better track of you and your beautiful puppies.

I love those pics - puppies are the best.

Annie said...

Hi Rob. Thanks for dropping into my blog. I've tried it with two out of our three but the distress from the other for being left out is just too much so have decided i wont be doing it again. :-) Love your pups...we had a minature poodle many years ago...a real character who's possessive nature caused many a giggle [he once stood with both paws on the horn of the car and wouldn't let anyone open the door to stop the noise! :-) ]