Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Surviving Young Dog was a challenge. Simply put, walking said creatrue of God was more than my legs could handle, and I ended up with legs so sore, I could hardly move.

That was last Thursday. I tried to rest up over the weekend, with limited success.

Today, I was in hospsital for some sophisticated tests on my heart -- which included walking on a treadmill. Just the thing my legs didn't need.

The good news:
a) my legs survived (barely) the test, and
b) my heart is in excellent condition -- meaning we have effectively ruled out heart problems as the cause of my recurring chest pains. (We're also pretty sure we know what the problem is -- and it's something relatively benign and not life-threatening.)

So: Healthy mind, heathly body, take my pick. Suggestions, anyone?

P.S.: The Doc and I also had a a couple of very interesting conversations on medical ethics. (I spring these things on doctors every time they treat me. As a senior member of the Health Region's Ethics Committee I do this as a matter of course.) When I have the energy, I'll put some of that on my blog "The Ethical Pilgrimage."


Natalie said...

Gee! What do you do for fun ,Rob?

Rob-bear said...

What's this "fun" to which you refer? ;)

Gutsy Living said...

Glad to hear you have such a healthy heart. Can you tell us what you think the benign recurring chest chains are from? Are you going to keep exercising? I shall answer your question and observation on my blog, which by the way.I found very interesting, do you read minds? next Wednesday on Belize Buzz day. Thanks for your comments.