Monday, June 11, 2012


Awards are such fun to receive. Especially if you are a Bear. Bears have no idea of what to do with them. But we like them because they are so shiny!

This one comes from the kind and wise Amanda, of  travels with persephone. If you are not reading her blog, you are missing out on some rare treats. The things that woman unearths — so to speak. Thank you, Amanda.

Fulfilling My Responsibilities

Having received the award, I now need to share seven random bits of data about myself. Having  shared 26 random pieces of information a while ago, this will be a little challenging. So:

1. I was born at the centre of the universe. That is the alternate name for Toronto, Canada. 
Also, if you are a native of the place, you call the city "Traunna," which rhymes with "trauma." Which you are likely to suffer if you stay there too long. Which is why I'm not sad that I'm not there any more. 

2. I am acquainted with five languages: English (which I learned at home), French and Latin (which I studied in high school), Greek and Hebrew (from my university days). 
Unfortunately, I don't communicate very well in any of them.
I also knew a bit of Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, and Welsh. Actually I'm trying to learn Welsh. (The experience is very trying.) If anyone knows a good on-line Welsh language course, please let me know. Rosetta Stone has just cancelled it's program in Welsh. (Boo; hiss.)

3. I have problems with heights. I'm not as terrified as I used to be, but I still get a bit uneasy. Especially when I look at the ground from over the edge of our sixth floor balcony. 
On the other hand, we have a marvellous view of the city and river valley from up here. So I am becoming somewhat accustomed to the "high life." 
Strangely, though, flying is no problem at all.

4. When I was young, my hair on my head was blond. Then it became brown. Now, it has gone back to blond. Or white. Whichever. (Blond and white look pretty much the same to me.) 

5. I've never thought of myself as being a sportsman. Though I have played hockey and rugby (both at university). 
Mostly, I know that you don't have to play a sport in order to be a good one. 

6. I used to collect insects when I was younger. And study them. And watch butterflies and moths come out of their cocoons and chrysalises. 
That was in the day before people sprayed everything and killed all the interesting creatures. 

7. My middle name is George. Which was my grandfathers name. A name shared with some of the kings of England. (No, I have no pretentious to royalty whatsoever. I just share a name.)
I share that name with some U.S. Presidents, too — a few of whom I would like to forget, totally.

Naming Names

Having fulfilled the requirements, I am now privileged to share this award with a few folks. Which causes some problems. Because I know far and away too many versatile bloggers. That being the case, I was going to choose a few, anyhow. 

The problem is that, well, um, I've forgotten with whom I wanted to share this. (Life is tough when you're a Bear, especially when you're not as young as you used to be, and you lose your list.) Now, I feel embarrassed, because I cannot remember the worthy recipients. It must be about a month since Amanda give me this, but, erm, ah, I'm just plain SLOW at getting things done.

If you're a versatile blogger, who's creations I read fairly regularly, consider yourself a recipient of this award. You know who you are. (If I see that you've not picked up your award, I'll have to remind you.)

Blessings and Bear hugs, friends!


Helen said...

Hi Bear! We share #3 and #4!
I follow you and you follow me ... however I've posted so many facts about myself, no one wants to read any more! I'm certain.

Rubye Jack said...

Congrats on the award Rob!
Don't feel alone with that fear of heights. I used to collect insects when I was a kid also and I can tell you they are all alive and well here in the insect jungle next door (a big field). Rugby and hockey eh? You seem too nice a guy for such rough sports. Goes to show there's two sides to you Bear.

Diana said...

Forgetfulness. I could do an entire post on that my friend!!
Congratulations on your shiny award Bear. I'll bet you will be happy when you get to "Z" !!
I've been finding many new blogs lately. I will go pop over to Amanda's blog.
I suppose this is why I'm not posting too often!! Love Di ♥

lotta joy said...

Congratulations dear Bear. This is not the only award you deserve, but who cares! You've always been my friend award, and that's the best award in life.

DJan said...

Adorable! You keep forgetting that bears are also adorable, especially when they are cuddly ones like Rob-Bear! I have a fear of heights, too, which might seem kind of funny since I jump out of airplanes. I made my fellow hikers laugh when I crawled over an exposed section on one of our hikes! :-)

Chatty Crone said...

Okay George what is your first name - really? Congrats on your award. Now I know about the languages. I don't care for heights too much either. Very interesting to learn more about you. sandie

Rosaria Williams said...

Better than OK.
Way to go.

ReformingGeek said...

Ooh, ahh, shiny thing! My cat is envious.

I am also uneasy in high places but flying is not a problem. Chair lifts are usually ok, too. Sigh.

I hate spraying chemicals. We are having a grasshopper problem this year. I just read that garlic oil may help. It may get a bit smelly around here.

Irene said...

I didn't think people gave out awards anymore. I thought that was a thing of the past. I felt awkward about receiving them as you did too I'm sure. Actually, it's the handing out part that's the hardest, isn't it? You don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

I'm afraid of heights too. Terrified of tall buildings and having to be on top of them. I could never make it to the top of the Empire State building. I'd be too scared of wanting to jump off. That's the real fear isn't it?


Amanda Summer said...

you are a versatile bear to take up this challenge, especially after having shared so much in the a-z post - but i for one love learning more about the bear. for starters, we share the fear of heights thing in common. i am impressed that you know so many languages! for all its worth, i do know a toast in welsh: yiachy-da! although that may not be included in the rosetta stone - boo hiss indeed that they cancelled it. and george is a regal name indeed.

thanks for sharing your random facts, rob, you are a good sport (and you are correct - you don't have to play one to be one ;-)

Golden Eagle said...

Congratulations on the award!

Those are a lot of languages. It's too bad Rosetta Stone has stopped its program for learning Welsh!

susan said...

I can't remember which of her books it was, but I recall Margaret Atwood's description of Tronna being so close to what I remembered of the place it gave me chills.

I don't like heights either so I'm hoping our 7th floor glass fronted balcony will soon be replaced by something a little closer to earth.

Congratulations on a well deserved award.

Helen said...

Hi! I emailed the 'bears' to you on May 25 from my address, if you don't have the photo I will re-send! The minute I saw those bears (my sister took the photo at the Columbus Zoo a few weeks ago) I thought of you! Of course you may use the photo!!!

About Last Weekend said...

Fabulous - I would not even have thought of learning Welsh and there you are doing it. Very impressed with the language skills, tried to do Latin but gave up when I translated something into an opulent feast and it was actual a battle!

Crystal Pistol said...

Your blog always makes me smile. I love that you are a bear and like shiny things. I'm a Mama Bear. I love shiny things too. :)

I don't like heights much either.

cheshire wife said...

So Bear we have more than blogging in common. I played hockey for my school and also learned Latin while there.

Congratulations on the award.

Sylvia Ney said...

Congratulations on the award!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - good things come in... 2s at any rate... I nominated your blog for the Inspiring Blog Award! Check it out on my blog:

PS Victor sends his love.