Wednesday, May 2, 2012


In fact, I get paid to do it. Just about every Sunday, now that I've gone back to work as pastor of our congregation. 

So I talk about God, talk about life, and talk about 15 minutes. And do some other things in the process, too. 

A few weeks ago, a colleague was leading worship. Came "talk time," he gave us an astute theological lecture. Maybe I did that at one point in my ministry. But not any more. While he told no stories, I mostly tell stories, with a few thoughts strung between. The life of  journalist crossed with a cleric. Interesting combination.

Meanwhile, . . .

All that by way of saying that life has been interfering with my blogging. I write every day, but most of it does't make it to my blog. You would be bored silly with the business e-mails and other notes I write. Being responsible for a large congregation is a life of looking after more details than you could imagine. Unless you're Diana, the church secretary.

To the point: the A - Z Challenge is officially over. It was, as of Monday. Will that stop me? No! You'll be getting Q through Z in "due course." Please be patient.

I'm also trying to visit your blogs, too. Please be patient with that, as well.

P is also for "Patient."

Blessings and Bear hugs!


Lydia said...

What a big change in your life, right? I didn't get the idea that you exactly planned on returning to your former pastor position. In any case, they are lucky to have you.

DJan said...

I like a bear who doesn't need to follow any silly meme rules. Looking forward to your alphabet soup. :-)

Anita said...

I like to hear stories from the pastor, and I like to have them tied to the bible so that my knowledge of it will increase.

You are a dedicated writer and blogger. Make your rounds when you can. I'm sure we'd all like to spend more time doing so, but as you sorta said, life goes on and we're a part of it. :)

Good luck completing the A-Z challenge.

Rob-bear said...

® Lydia: Major change, even at half-time. I thought I was finished with working. Even got rid of a lot of my books, etc. (no space in the new place). I'm just an old "fire horse" who shows up when the fire bell rings. Or something like that.
Truth be told, I think this stint is going to be a lot longer than anyone (other than me) thinks. Sad, but true.

® DJan: While there are some conventions (like traffic rules) that I follow, there are some I don't. Including the "blog every day" rule.

® Anita: Thanks for your kindness. I'll be back. I think that's more promise than threat.

Jackie said...

May the Lord continue to lead you as you are the pastor of this congregation. Continue to take care of you, too. I look forward to your blog and your visits. We'll be right here...

Irene said...

At least you're doing what I assume you do best. That must make you happy. We should all be so lucky. xox

Rubye Jack said...

There is time for everything Bear. I think.

About Last Weekend said...

You are busy! And patience is something I don't have much of and need more. My mother in law always says slow down...

Helen said...

I'll help you .. QRSTUVWXY & Z! Now, my good Bear you no longer have to worry about finishing the alphabet! I would love to hear one of your stories/sermons.

ReformingGeek said...

I'm glad you're posting. I will be "P" for Patient anxiously awaiting your


Rob-bear said...

® Jackie: Thanks. I am taking care of me. And staying very busy.

® Irene: I'm a jack of at least a half-dozen trades, having a Master's degree in only one of them — which is the trade I am currently practising. But a journeyman Pastor is what this congregation needs right now, so I'm happy doing that. Even if the process has been unplanned.

® Rubye Jack: Strange you should mention that. Those thoughts from Ecclesiastes were the focus of my brief remarks at a funeral on Saturday. A church-filling funeral. (If only I were to see that many people on Sundays!)

® About Last Weekend: Doctors need patients. All of us need patience. Perhaps, Jody, you should switch to being a doctor to get more of what you need?

® Helen: Oh, dear!! I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but you have just foreclosed on a whole series of posts. About a peculiar Robin, and Virtual friends. What can I possibly do now? I am bereft. "Woe is me, for I am lost."

® ReformingGeek: You wouldn't want to see my sermons. They are a collection of bubbles with a few words written inside each, and a few connecting lines. Like the words in a cartoon, but with even fewer words (but more bubbles). I know what I'm doing, reffie, even if nobody else does. Which may happen more regularly than I imagine. Sigh!

Pat Carroll Marcantel said...

15 minutes? Are you channeling Max Lucado? Yes, I know channeling and Christianity have only the "c" in common, but you know what I mean, don't you, Mr. Bear? Max gets more Spirit in his small daily messages than many ministers get in a "month of Sundays." Obviously you pack a great punch in those 15 minutes. GO BEAR, YEAH, GO! (cheerleading is my speciality). :>)

Rob-bear said...

® Pat Carroll Marcantel: Hello, Pat, and welcome to Bear's main blog.
I "c" what you mean that Christianity and channeling may not have a lot in common. Maybe. Whatever. I've been around long enough that not many things surprise me. Even things that "aren't" supposed to happen.
I've never heard of Max Lucado, so I'm going to have to track him down. (OH, and PLEASE, don't do the Mr. Bear stuff — I'll think you're talking about my father.) Perhaps you and my daughter would get along delightfully. She was a cheerleader during high school, and for our local football team while in University.
Blessings and Bear hugs.

Survivormama said...

Take all the time you need sweet bear! We will still be here!

The Blog Fodder said...

Z is for Zebra. A lead in to talk about Dolly Parton's undergarments.

Rob-bear said...

® Shannon King: Thanks so much. Problem is, I miss my blog friends, and want to stay in touch.

Rob-bear said...

® The Blog Fodder: Perhaps, big guy.
But here, Z is for "Zed the lot," which I will have done by time I'm finished.
Americans won't get that. Or the fact that we call their "musical" group Zed Zed Top. But I digress.

Golden Eagle said...

We'll happily wait for you and look forward to your posts, of course. :)

Rob-bear said...

® The Golden Eagle: My hope is that I will not be gone too long.

Jean said...

Doing what you love and getting paid for it as well - sounds like a good deal to me !!
I hope you will not be gone too long......keep well.

Inger said...

I really admire you for wanting to finish the challenge. It was hard enough for me, retired, sitting here at home with plenty of time. Patience is something I have yet to learn.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Blessings and Bear hugs to you, my friend. I think that you can reach many people through telling stories from the heart.

Glad to see you back there...


Frances said...

Rob, when I was on my recent UK holiday, I had the huge pleasure of having some dear friends take me around to some very, very old stone churches in their county. It was amazing to be able to open the old doors with the massive hinges and locks, walk into these small spaces, and to experience the light, the history, the notion of how many souls had passed through those same doors, to be christened, to listen to various sermons, sing some hymns, pray, attend weddings and funerals.

We are talking about centuries. I hope that some of the air from these churches has come home with me. Mind you, I am not much of a church goer in my own home city.


kj said...

since when is a hibernating bear a pastor?

this is an interesting snapshot for me of you, bear, and i'm glad for it.

it sounds like you're glad you're doing this, yes?

and might i add emily v.v. rabbit is now nervous about visiting you. she says she cannot be expected to behave.


Rob-bear said...

® kj: Bear has never been secretive about the fact that he is a "peculiar" Beast.
Just a note: Bear is not hibernating now. Bear is being pastor now. I don't try to do those two things at the same time.
And, for the record, I would not expect emily v.v. rabbit to behave if she were to come and visit. Lots of Humans are like her in that a regard. The are called Parishioners. As in Church People. Lots of them here. (Though I don't think any would steal emily's jelly beans, unless they mistook here for the Easter Bunny — which I am quite sure she is not.)

Blessings and Bear hugs to all of you.

Oh, BTW. the v.v. in emily's name. Stands for very velveteen?

Diana said...

Aw yes the Church secretary. I have to go there today or tomorrow again. The way I see it Bear, our Pastor wears many hats. I cherish the moments that pastor and I can converse. Life stories are always mixed with our spiritual beliefs.

I think you are quite amazing wearing all of those hats!! I don't think it's an easy job by any means. And I am amazed that you can find any time right now to post!! Love Di ♥

susan said...

As I remember the Man Himself taught mostly by little stories and by example. You can't go wrong.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Visiting and loving your blog... I so love finding out what we all do!! Would love to hear you talk about God... and I agree with your method. Stories with thoughts... best combination I always think. xxx

Chatty Crone said...

I like what Djan said - be yourself - don't worry about the rules - remember you've lived long enough not to follow them. sandie

The Bipolar Diva said...

back to preaching? I'd love to be there!

Rob-bear said...

® Diana: We are fortunate to have a wonderful secretary/administrator. And I certainly know my place in that arrangement. When people come here, they can talk to the man in charge, or the woman who knows what's going on. I've stepped into the middle of a very large enterprise; I'm just the minister.

® susan: Knowing me, I will find some way to get some of it wrong. Though I try not to do that.

® Ladybird World Mother: Thanks so much for coming to visit the Bear. Bear is always happy to see new folks. Glad you liked what you read.

® Chatty Crone: Just because you're a "senior delinquent" doesn't mean I have to be. Though it does sound like fun, doesn't it!

® The Bipolar Diva: Hope you had a good vacation/trip. And uncovered no heinous behaviour on the part of your younglings when you returned.

SueH said...

....and with 'patience' also comes 'persistence'!

Keep on, keeping on, Bear. Our walk in life is made one step at a time, stopping for the odd conversation along the way - doesn't matter how long the journey is as long as you get there. But taking time out to enjoy the 'ride' is important, too!

Thanks for stopping by my blogs - following you now - you seem to have interesting things to say!

SueH I refuse to go quietly!

One Small Cogwheel

Twitter - @Librarymaid

Lydia said...

So, how is the stint going? I hope it doesn't stretch into too long a time frame. You deserve to retire.

Rob-bear said...

OH DEAR. i seem to have lost track of replying to you. This will not do! Bear has better manners than that. Usually.

Let's see who I've missed.

® Jean: It is a great deal, Jean! Only, I am beginning to have a feeling that I may be engaged in the activity for longer, not shorter.

® Inger: I only have seven letters left to go (I think) in the A - Z Challenge. I do believe in finishing challenges. It is a matter of principle, you understand. And you certainly would't want to be keeping the company of an unprincipled Bear, would you?

® Genie — Paris and Beyond: I do keep looking at your wonderful photos, but I don't leave a comment every time. See you anon!

® Frances: Thanks for dropping by.
Old churches and the souls who have inhabited them. Wonderful imagery, Frances — seen in the mind's eye. Better than a camera.
I believe I know the Church (in Barnstaple, Devon) where some of my ancestors worshipped, and in which cemetery some of their bones may be buried.

Rob-bear said...

® Sue H: Thanks for sharing your wisdom. I hope to be back to visit you, soon.

® Lydia: To everything there is a season, including a time to retire. But I have this feeling that the interruption to my retirement may be of longer duration than initially planned.

Whew! I think I've finally caught up. I hope I didn't miss anyone. If I did, I am very sorry. (Bear is not the brightest critter in the bush.)