Thursday, June 2, 2011


All right friends, here we go.

A for 'orses. What do horses eat? Hay, of course.

B for mutton.  If you don't like pork, what do you eat? Beef or mutton.

C for the Islanders. Well known military group? Seaforth Highlanders.

D for ential. The gears in your car's transmission? Differential.

E for brick. What to do when frustrated? Heave a brick.

F for vescent. Want something bubbly? Try a drink that's effervescent.

There you go. Really, how much simpler do you want?


Rosaria Williams said...

Ah! Cave activity! I see energy returning in effervescent bouts.

potsoc said...

Far out man, far out.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

I'll take some of the "F" in a tall glass, stp. Loved that alphabet!


The Bipolar Diva said...

Me thinks the Bear is feeling a wee bit better!

Hilary said...

All this new "M for Mation" buzzing around in my head! Fun stuff.

Thanks for your visit to my blog. Mississauga is the one and only place I've ever seen a wood duck and I've posted photos in the past. Despite how it's been so built up, my own little neck of the woods remains a haven for incredible wildlife. Each day is a treat.

Thank you so much for the kind words. They're very much appreciated. :)

Golden Eagle said...

This is much more interesting than the usual alphabets I see!

About Last Weekend said...

All good thoughts for a dreary Friday here in Oakland with a sky heavy as a brick, not looking for a beef but a reviving glass of bubbly...

Rob-bear said...

You people are such good sports about things. That's why it is a joy to read your comments! Thanks.

® Rosaria: "Energy returning in effervescent bouts." Kinda like the waves breaking on the shore, just beyond your window?

® potsoc: I didn't think it was that far out. Well, maybe just a bit beyond the radar.

® Genie: Some French champagne, perhaps?

® Diva: Yes. The Bear is actually up and mobile. As to the condition of his brain? Another story.

® Hillary: Thanks for visiting and joining in the process. BTW, that would be N for mation. Perhaps. We'll come to it in a few days.
Please protect your neck of the woods from the developers!

® Golden Eagle: Thanks for visiting. Please understand that the Bear is a bit peculiar, as are his posts. And comments.

® Last Weekend: I'm wondering, Jody; if you cross a bleak day in Oakland with some wonderful champagne, would you get French whine? No, I suppose not. Hope your Friday afternoon and evening picked up a bit.