Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm writing to you from our new locale.

And it's a zoo! (As in crazy busy with bringing the last bits over from the house, unpacking here, and figuring our what goes where.)

But it's a zoo with a view!

I don't have the time to give you a full explanation of these pictures, except to say that the first two pictures are of the downtown riverbank area of our city, and the last picture is looking up the river valley (which runs north-east from downtown). BTW, what you can't see, to the right of the third picture, is our sprawling University Campus; another time.

By time we get fully settled in, I'm sure our sixth-floor suite will seem much less zoo-like.


Natalie said...

Oooooh Lovely view.
Happy Easter to the Zoo inhabitants.I hope your weekend is eggstremely eggselent.

Rosaria Williams said...

If you have view like these, you'll be in heaven no matter what. Glad to know you've arrived.

Wendy said...

Blessings for your new home sweet home!

Unknown said...

...and what a view Rob-Bear. Much happiness in your new home!

Helen said...

A river runs through it ... nice.

Amanda Summer said...

wow - room with a view indeed! and i know how much bears love being near a river - especially if there's salmon in it (or in this case, a lovely university!)

enjoy your new digs and thanks for sharing your view - it's fantastic!


p.s. i like what helen said - a river runs through it - lovely

potsoc said...

You do seem to have a very nicely situated zoo,,,er den I mean.
Now that you aloft don't become too aloof.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Well, I was worried about you and your new home but with a view like this I think that you will do quite well. So glad that you will have the river nearby and I like what Amanda had to say about bears and rivers.

When I download my photos from Paris, I may have another "bear shot" for your consideration, my friend!


The Blog Fodder said...

I know roughly where you are now. Great view. The old 19th street bridge is a classic. Any talk of replacing or innovating it?
I love the shot looking north up the river. You live in a beautiful city, old bear.
Glad you are moved more or less and Happy Easter. Христос Воскрес!

Frances said...

My very first New York City apartment had a sliver of a river view. I really loved being able to gaze out my window and see that band of blue.

Your view is open.

Glad to learn of your landing.

Easter wishes to you!

Anonymous said...

There's two things I'd LOVE to "X" on the house you left (if you can see it from where you are) and for you to turn the camera around, so we will know your surroundings when you write. NOT out of morbid curiosity or nibbiness...but to feel closer to you.

Diana said...

So glad that you are settling into the new "Den"! It seems that the view is quite nice Bear. Hope to see some more soon, have fun decorating the "Den"! Have a Blessed Easter!
Love Di ♥

Gutsy Living said...

You have a beautiful river to look at. Looks like a more urban view than your previous one. Good luck and felicitations en francais.

Lydia said...

Well, as Simon & Garfunkel sang: Something tells me it's all happening at the zoo...!

Your view is fantastic. It looks like a wonderful place to watch the seasons change and great for photographs of sunrises/sunsets. Anxious to see more with the campus, etc.

Happy Homecoming!

About Last Weekend said...

Looks fabulous. Always great to have a view of a body of water and especially if there is some motion on it like a river - and you have a bridge too. Brilliant!

Rob-bear said...

Natalie: Yes the view is lovely. That's why we chose this flat.

rosaria: Good to have arrived. Today I was watching the kayakers on the river. Relaxing thought in the midst of a "moving experience."

Wendy: Thanks!

Jacqueline: Thanks, also. I think we're going to love it here.

Helen: As long as the river doesn't run through the apartment, we'll be happy.

Amanda: Sadly, no salmon in this river. But there are some at the university, in one of the fish laboratories.

potsoc: Alive and aloft, but not aloof. And can you believe the pollsters and their numbers on the federal election?

Rob-bear said...

Genie: There is something very relaxing about a river. And I can hardly Bear to wait for your newest picture!

BF: I figured the pix would fill in the story, and you would figure things out pretty quickly.
BTW, the structure is officially known as the Traffic Bridge. It's going to be replaced in a few years by a somewhat reasonable facsimile of what we have now.

Frances: There is something about a river view, isn't there. And it is open, spacious, and right across the river from the heart of downtown.

dana: Sadly, the river bends to the east, and then to the north, upriver from here, so you can't see anything near our old house. As for turning the camera around, that won't happen until we're settled, in a year, or three, but perhaps sooner.

Rob-bear said...

Diana: Moving house is one of my least favourite activities. Decorating doesn't rate very highly, either. I'm very big on "functional" and "utilitarian." Part of my ursine nature.

Gutsy Writer: Merci, Sonia. Our former home was in the suburbs; this is downtown. But there are a lot of trees in the urban forest. Don't focus so much on the downtown; enjoy the river valley, and all the trees there.

Suburbia said...

Hope you are getting used to it?

Rob-bear said...

® Suburbia, we're starting to get accustomed to the place. Now, if I could just find a few missing things, I'd be much happier.

CAMILLA said...

Hi Bear.!

Just wanted to say..... oh my, what fantastic views.! wishing you lots of happiness in your new home dear Bear.