Friday, December 31, 2010


Having celebrated the ancient/new coming of the "Partridge in a pear tree," . . .


Bear is going to sleep;
please do not disturb!

I'm rejoicing because
my world has calmed down enough
that I can get a
decent winter's snooze.

I'll see you in the spring
(or on a really nice winter's day,
if I wake up).
Please don't worry.
The intrepid and ever-faithful
Miss Sadie (Her Ladyship)
will be standing guard, as always.

Should anything calamitous
or thrilling occur,
she knows where to find me,
and will alert me
to the development.
What I do will depend on how awake
and mentally competent I am
(things which are always questionable
where the Bear is concerned).

P.S.: If you haven't see the amazing art work I received as Christmas presents,
please see the previous post.


Rosaria Williams said...

Ah, the winter rest of the weary limbs. Get all you want, Bear. But, know that life goes on outside that cave and you might miss out. I do understand the need to hibernate; I get small doses here and there. They feel great.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Oh, you are leaving the blog in good hands with Miss Sadie. Have a good rest and I will be thinking of you.


The Blog Fodder said...

Sleep well, Bruin.

Miss Sadie said...

Rosaria, Genie, and Blog Fodder:

Bear said some very kind people might occasionally write him notes, and you have. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

I'll make sure Bear sees these when he "wakes up."

In the meantime, he and I hope you're having a good winter.

Lee said...

Sleep well. Sleep warm.

cheshire wife said...

Enjoy your hibernation. It seems to be a very sensible thing to do. I am envious.

A Happy New Year to you and your family.

Jackie said...

Oh no! Don't go!
But...I'm being selfish...sigh.
As you hibernate, Rob, know that I'm sending bear hugs your way, OK?
Smiles and hugs,

Molly said...

We will wrap you up warm while you slumber, Bear and then when Spring comes and the sun shines, we will tempt you out again with a big pot of honey.

Natalie said...

You will be out for a stretch soon ,I suspect Bearet. :)

Diana said...

So lucky you are Bear! Sleeping the winter away, how wonderful! Enjoy your snooze! Love Di ♥

Anonymous said...

Sadie looks so regal. She is fully aware of the responsibilities that are on her shoulders.

Helen said...

Mr. Rob-Bear, wishing you a good sleep and a very Happy New Year!

Gutsy Living said...

I know Miss Sadie has awakened you quite a few times already. Take Care and give her a hug from me.

Miss Sadie said...

I've been a little slow in checking on Bear's blog. Sorry about that.

Lee, Cheshire Wife,Teacher's Pet, Mollyglover, Natalie, Diana, Dana, Helen, and Gutsy Writer: thank you for all your kind notes and best wishes to Bear and all. I'll make sure he sees them when he "de-hibernates."

And, for the record, GW, I haven't had to wake Bear once. He's hibernating very restfully. He trained me to handle various situations, and so far, there have been no problems.

Amanda Summer said...

to miss sadie --- how is your master faring? is he snoozing away peacefully? and are you getting your fair share of treats these days while he hibernates??

Suburbia said...

Will miss your thoughtfulness Bear
Sleep well
Miss Sadie is very beautiful

Suburbia said...

Will miss your thoughtfulness Bear
Sleep well
Miss Sadie is very beautiful

Lydia said...

Wow, Sadie is/was beautiful. She deserves the title Duchess, most definitely. Our Standard Poodle, Bonbon, is not quite as regal...but she can be excused for that, having been raised around jolly Old English Sheepdogs.