Wednesday, August 11, 2010


NO, I didn't get that wrong. I did not substitute "Sleeping Blog" for "Sleeping Dog." Besides, Her Ladyship, Miss Sadie, likes to be woken up, if there's going to be some kind of action — like a walk.

My blog The Ethical Pilgrimage was my first, I think — it goes back to 2007. And while I've branched away from it, I'm going back to it, as I reflect more fully on issues of human and animal care.

Typically, I start things slowly, then "pick up the pace," as I become more confident. I've just been a bit slower than usual with this. OK; a lot slower.

I have many things on which I'm working, and which I want to share. I also have colleagues who are working on things, and who might be persuaded to share some thoughts, via a guest post.

I'm going to be posting something on a recent "medical misadventure" of mine. In the meantime, I'll link in so you can figure out how to reach this new-old location.

Please join me. I would appreciate your company, and your comments.


Gutsy Living said...

Please let me know where to look. Are you canceling some of your blogs? Just curious where your guest blogging is going.

Amanda Summer said...

hi rob, thanks for your kind comments at my blog, also noticed you list travels with persephone on your blogroll - thanks too for that!

am paying a return visit and like gutsywriter, wasn't sure from this post if you are discontinuing this blog? if so - please share which one you will be focusing on, as I'd like to follow.

Rob-bear said...

Hi, friends, and thanks for dropping by.

"Chrome on the Range" will continue to be my primary blog.

"The Ethical Pilgrimage" will focus on "Human Medicine and Animal Care," as the note there says. It started as an outgrowth of my post-graduate degree program in Bio-Ethics, and my involvement in the Ethics Committee of our local Health Region. It has expanded to include my work in ethics education and animal ethics as well.

When I post something on "The Ethical Pilgrimage," I'll put a note here, as I have been doing with other items on my "Bears Noting" blog. Some people way want to follow one or the other or both; I'm simply facilitation the options.

Thanks, again.

Amanda Summer said...

thanks r-bear for the clarification -- will sign up now to follow chrome!!