Thursday, December 10, 2009


Had a marvelous day today. Best part was when our son bundled up his two kids in their Chariot (modern carriage for kids) and walked them to part of the facility where Momma Bear worked for 20 years before her retirement.

The point of the exercise was that Grandson F. performed his first solo violin concert (at the age of 5) -- about nine of the dozen tunes he knows.

It was much enjoyed by the crowd of seniors who live in the building, and staff who took few minutes off work to attend.

Then we bundled the grandkids back up and into the chariot, and son walked them to our place (about three-quarters of an hour). It was sunny and -19°C (though the wind chill make it feel like about -28°C). But they all know how to dress for the weather and were warm as toast when they arrived.

The youngsters are having a sleepover at our place tonight. Their Auntie came over for supper and helped them decorate their grandparents (very small) Christmas tree.

Good fun all around.


Natalie said...

So great! What a clever little man. I am glad you had some fun for a change, Bear.
When I was young, our school concert band used to play regularly for the oldies, and we loved it as much as they did. It's lovely to see young and old together.x

Jude said...

Hello, nice to meet you! Thank you for dropping by. I cannot imagine temps. of -19 and 28!!!
I bet you're so proud of your grandson, the violin is not easy..
We've no Christmas tree, we don't do much at this time of the year, it's still not celebrated a great deal..Easter is the best!!!
Talk again soon

The Blog Fodder said...

A great day. Thanks for the feel good post. Someday...

Annie said...

What proud moments to watch such a young performer. Brilliant. Christmas SHOULD be for family times like those. Enjoy.
A x

Frances said...

Hello on Friday evening.

This is a beautiful post. To think that very young fellow can play a violin, and that he could play it before a large audience of ... adults, and to do it after a long walk in very cold weather.

Well...this is proof that the newest generation has strength of character, love of the arts, and generosity of spirit. And also shows just where this talented boy might have found all these traits.

Really lovely, and a good post to read as Christmas nears. xo

Rosaria Williams said...

These are a few of our favorite things. Not the temps, but the recitals and the sleep overs.

Gutsy Living said...

How proud you and the parents must be. I love his formal dress code. Wish I could hear the violin.
Sound like you have a wonderful family.

Renee said...

Bear I bet you are having lots of fun with the kids.

Five years old and a solo and violin to boot. How proud you must be.


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, WONDERFUL!!! How proud you must be of them!!! Hope the sleep-over was fantastic!!! I have a feeling you are very popular with your grandchildren!! Hugs, Janine XO

Rob-bear said...

Thanks so much for all your kind words and thoughts, friends. My dad played a trumpet in a dance band in the 1930s. My wife and I both play various instruments, our son plays violin and now our granddaughter (aged 3) is starting the violin. And a number of us have sung in choirs. Music has always been part of our home. It's wonderful to see the youngsters carrying on the musical tradition.

Rob-bear said...

P.S.: Forgot to mention our daughter plays the piano. We're all in this together.

Gutsy Living said...

I look forward to when your blog post is up related to gift-giving.

CAMILLA said...

How very proud you and Mama Bear must be of your Grandson, only five years of age but what great talent of violin. The violin is one of my favourite musical instruments, can see your Grandson is going to go far with his musical career later.

I love the Piano too, my daughter plays well but ages since she has played a note. My father used to play the trumpet Rob-bear too.

What a lovely musical family you have Bear.